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Friday, June 28, 2013

Life Stretches On

In the life that stretches on since my last post, my kids are happy and contented in their country life and would not for the world go back to living in Sydney. They enjoy soccer, scouts, cubs and all things rural. In fact they enjoy rural so much that they will be spending Sunday with other kids from their school and the P&C filling bags of sheep manure to be sold to happy customers in Canberra.

My husband and I have had house plans approved, he has organised driveways to be formed and electricity to be connected and we await the pouring of the slab. Delays due to wet weather frustrate but do not deteriorate for the promise of a new home and a real space to call our own.

Knitting continues, new friendships grow stronger, and the sense of community from our small town benefits all.

Hope you are all well in blog land!
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Gunning Open Gardens Scheme

This weekend, I can't wait to go to Collingwood for the Open Gardens Scheme. Given that we will be gardening around our new house once all the plans are complete and we start building, it will be interesting to see what plants are suitable to our climate.

The Open Garden is advertised as ...

Huge English elm trees, thought to be the oldest in Australia, shade and shelter the 1820s homestead at 2312 Cullerin Road, Gunning.  A true country garden, Collingwood features irises, roses, lavender, rock roses, honesty and sage. A woodland area, its old trees underplanted with hundreds of bulbs creates a vibrant spring display. 

Two very old wisterias are draped across the verandah and a magnificent crab apple is surrounded by softly coloured hellebores. The garden features lovely stone walls, paths and arches dripping with fragrant plants. Lilacs of many hues are beautiful in spring and lily of the valley and English primrose, which hide beside the paths under the trees, put on a delightful show.  Teas and light lunches will be available.   

Proceeds donated to Lucy Wangari (sponsored child), Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya’s community. 
Garden address
2312 Cullerin Road, Gunning
10  and 11 November 2012, 10am to 6pm
$7 (under 18 free)

The Cullerin Road is the former Hume Highway (before the bypass of Breadalbane) and is readily accessed from either the Gunning end or via the new Hume Highway ....
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