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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Open Your Diaries to Sunday, 19 February 2012

Because that is when the 110th Annual Gunning Show
is on next year!

at the 2012 Show, there will be ...

Horse events - show jumping
Shearing competition
Pavillion full of local produce, arts and craft and photography
Quality fleece wool competition
Mechanical bull
Showgirl and Showboy competition
Magic shows for the kids
Farm Yard Animals
Tug of War
Treasure Hunt
Wool pack races and kids' sheep shearing

New to the Show will also be:

Yard dog trials
The dog show is back!
Farm skills obstacle course - for all ages
'Gunning Game Show' for kids
Shed relics - dust off those interesting and old shed relic

If you are wondering where in the world Gunning is, it is half way between Yass and Goulburn on the Hume Highway in the Upper Lachlan Shire. There is a motel in Gunning and a pub and there is also Barbour Park which is beside the river and has free camping for a limited number of nights ...

For more information on the camping area, please ring Council.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Festive Pasta Salad

Last night, my husband and I and two children attended the Gunning Lion's Club Christmas Dinner which is a bring a dish affair at the local meeting centre and we were asked to take along a contribution of a salad.

I'm going to share my recipe for my pasta salad that I got from a friend because it is darn easy as most ingredients you can have on hand and whip it up in a couple of hours (the time is cooling time!)!

1 packet of pasta (I used a 500grm packet of macaroni), cooked and then drain well, pour into a salad bowl and stir about every two minutes so it doesn't stick and to let the steam out. I also poured about a tablespoon of oil through about 10 minutes after draining.

When the pasta is well on the way to cooling, pour in 1 bottle of Thousand Island Dressing. I used Woolworths Select, but any other brand will do.

Then add

Chopped red capsicum, chopped green capsicum, half a can of corn nibblets, some red cocktail onions (or green!), some grated Parmesan cheese and I sprinkled over some chilli flakes for a bit more zing.

Other ingredients you could add include: diced mushrooms, feta cheese, cooked diced bacon, hard boiled egg chopped, cherry tomatoes, tinned mixed beans, chives, chopped salami, partially cooked frozen peas, asparagus, broccoli etc.

You are only limited by your imagination!

 Yummy .... and even better the second day!
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where for Art Thou Fairchild Street?

So okay, I've come back to blogging. It is has only been six months since I last blogged, the reason being my computer was stepped on by a random child when it was on the floor and should have been up high where little feet could not have trodden on it.

I have borrowed a friend's screen and borrowed a keyboard and now my laptop is working rather dodgy as a CPU and it doesn't even know it.

Now one of my favourite blogs to read was Fair Street Child from Melbourne and today I went looking and it appears to no longer exist.

If you are out there, please send me a message and let me know your new blog name!

Take care all, and when I find my camera (it is has been a very technically challenging year for me ....) I'll blog some more!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On the weekend, I took the kids for a drive out to Dalton, some 12 kilometres from our little town and took some photos to share! My son loved the cars!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I need to erase today and start again.

It started well, washing hung out, kids breakfasted, kids dressed, kids beds made and my bed made, washing up done, lambs bottle fed, showered, dressed and car fueled up.

Off we went to Mitchell to leave my son with my husband and us girls (my daughter and her friend) were off to the Handmade Markets in Canberra. Or so I thought. I neglected to cement into my head that they were at the National Convention Centre, not the National Exhibition Centre which we had passed on the way to Mitchell. (I blame the "tion" bit).

We left son with husband and went to the National Exhibition Centre, and  found a sports clothing sale on in one of the pavillions and a dog show with plenty of cars parked at on another portion of the centre.

About now I had convinced myself I had the wrong day and the wrong weekend. I should have gone to the Information Centre on Northborne Avenue and sought their help, but I didn't. Instead I somehow ended up in Manuka at McD*nalds with two hungry girls who had Quarter Pounder burgers and were then horrified at the f*t content, with a person serving me who served up medium drinks to them and a small drink to me.

Don't bother asking anyone in that store either if they know where the wool shop in Manuka is because they won't know.

It was then off to Riverside Plaza at Queanbeyan (because I had  quite had enough of paying  for parking in  Canberra ... what is that? ... rarely would I have had to pay for parking if I shopped anywhere in a Sydney shopping centre in the area I lived in, which had a large Centro and a large Westfield) for some retail therapy.

I was very happy to be able to find at Target the exact dinner set that my holiday house has and to find that they had 30% off. When they scanned it, the price came up $1 more expensive than the price displayed on the shelf and with no 30% off, so I questioned  it, and took the girl to the shelf  to get the price bar code I had  looked at that said $20. She then scanned that and it came up $8 something. Bargain. At least I had a  win. I also had exceptional service from the initial girl that I found in that section that was only too happy and  willing to look for a boxed set of what they had displayed on the shelf, that wasn't boxed beneath.  That Target is a really good BIG one if you are ever this way.

Onto the supermarket (another BIG Coles) and then back home (after a small detour to my daughter's friends home to find her parents had already left as they had previously planned to attend a bonfire, we were late). Also, somewhat late for my husband. Whoops.

I should also mention I found out halfway through the day my mobile wasn't charged.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. FAIL.

Next time the Handmade Markets are on, I'll try to study where I am going better or have someone drive who knows Canberra like the back of  their hand.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Back!

I had a few nervous weeks there where I thought I might never get back into my blog again. Every attempt to regain entry was thwarted, both by the fact that I hadn't updated my alternate address for my email, had changed my main email account and no longer had access to emails going to my old address (same company) and I had forgotten my hotmail password. All fixed now after about 10 attempts to get in and new passwords now safely written down.

Finally,  I am back in and pleased to report that Creative Gunning is going great guns, both as a local arts and crafts meeting place and with sales each weekend.

It is nice to meet people in your area who have a passion for their preferred craft form, whether it be beading, knitting or felting, and see their works in progress and discuss simple things like where they get their supplies.

I have sold two scarves and a needle book so far and we have had other sales including a quilt and quite a bit of jewellery.

I also continue to find nice shops locally for purchasing supplies, including;

  • Calico Patch at Federation Square near Cockington Green Model Village in Nicholls (northern Canberra)
  • Teale's Fabrics & Wools in Comur Street, Yass.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Creative Gunning is ready at the starting gate ...

And we'll be off and racing from next Saturday, with a co-committee person and I doing setting up on Friday afternoon.

I've been digging out my crafts to take to another committee member's home this afternoon, and I can't wait to see what has already been put forward by the new members.

It is kind of fun to be at this beginning stage and to anticipate how well it might go and how it will be received by the community and tourists to our area.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Magic for Marigold

I was in the child's section of my local library the other day and at the "M" section, when who should I run into, but L. M. Montgomery. Having grown up reading Anne of Green Gables and the like, I skipped over these, and discovered she had also written another book called Magic for Marigold.

The edition I am reading is published by Angus & Robertson Publishers and was purchased by the library I suspect around 1982 (first date of borrowing) for the price of $5.95. The reason I mention this is because it is the same hardback series that was purchased for me around the same time by my Aunty Joan.

I've looked on for a copy and the cheapest and only one I can find is for AUD $66.12! Luckily, if you are interested in reading it, it is also listed with Project Gutenberg Australia here.

I am up to Chapter 2 and loving it and having recently read a few adult fiction books (that were more focused on the destruction of marriages and infidelity!), finding this interesting and enthralling.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative Gunning

If you live in the Upper Lachlan Shire Council or former Gunning Shire area you may be interested in attending a meeting for the formation of a craft collective which is proposed to be established and trade from the former Court House in Gunning on Saturdays / Sundays and some Public Holidays.

The collective proposed is going to be a group formed with the goal of meeting other creative locals, sharing ideas and creative skills, offering a drop in centre for assistance with craft and providing company for people who seek it and to be established under the auspicies of the Gunning District Community & Health Service with some commission from goods sold through the collective to be contributed to this worthy community service.

If you are interested in attending a meeting to find out more, our next meeting will be held on Saturday, 30th of April from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. If you wish to have more information prior to the attending the meeting, please leave me a comment (or an email) and I will put you in touch with the convenors.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Horsing Around and Other Matters

This evening I was reading Foxs Lane Blogspot, and I told Kate that her photo looked like Golden Hessian. I got her wondering what I meant. If I got you wondering what on earth I was talking about, I have a photo!

Now, onto other things ... Today, I went to the Taralga Hotel .. Est. 1876 (here), on our (the girls) way back from meeting my husband, his friend Mick and my son Angus, who stayed the night at the Wombeyan Caves camping ground, and had lunch with them at the above hotel. I had to share with you this glorious carpet. If they had cameras operating in any corner of the hotel, they probably are wondering why this mad woman took a photo of their carpet ...

While the boys camped at Wombeyan Caves for the night, my daughter and I stayed with Mick's wife and his lovely son at their property at Binda, and I fiddled with my craft and got a topping up of  TV shows, watching the Lifestyle Channel until very late, and admiring the work of Trinny and Susannah and their Women After Divorce Episode where they completely changed the fashion sense of two women.

Photos of recently completed knitting to follow soon.

And now for some other photos of what has been consuming me lately.

Meet "Princess." She likes eating dodgy windfall quinces, chasing Misty the pony, and eating hand picked Paspalum grass. She is rather lovely to look at, but seems to have a little bit of a cranky streak and wonders why she cannot come out of the paddock and eat the grass around the house on a lead as Misty can. Could have something to do with her size and her abhorrence for being caught.

And what have I been buying in my wandering of the op shops of Goulburn, you may also ask ... Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  I have my mother's copy but the spine was broken ... so this for $1 made perfect sense.

And also Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott literally threw itself at me, arriving at my feet after falling from the bookshelf in the store. This was $2. If you are interested in this book, I have googled and found it in Project Gutenburg here.

And this now sitting on my china cabinet, from the Salvos in Auburn Street, Goulburn for about $2, slightly marked, but lovely all the same.

And from Tony's Second Hand Store in Verner Street, Goulburn ... 

And on a sad note, my cousin called me this evening to let my family know that their lovely dog Dana had been bitten by probably a brown snake on Saturday afternoon at their farm, near their shearing shed. My son Angus had fallen in love with this dog, has wanted puppies from her, and has even told me rather secretly that he kissed her as she rode on the four wheel motorbike with him. He will be utterly devastated at her loss when I tell him in the morning before school as the call came after he hit the sack.

Our sympathies to all the little boys and girls who have loved this dog. May she rest in peace, chasing foxes in the sky.

I've added today's post to Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds because today, I think my post qualifies!
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Enrolments are now OPEN for the Gunning Patchwork Weekend

If you have already followed the link once, details have now been updated.

I'm hoping my husband won't be doing dreaded stock take that weekend and I will get a chance to attend both days and come out feeling a little more creative. Even better if he doesn't have to work that weekend and I can send him and the children to the coast for the weekend ...

There are a few workshops available including:

Big Bold Print Quilt with Robyn Cawdron
English Paper Piecing with Peta Luck (Saturday Only)
Kaleidescope / Spider's Web with Judy Farrugia
My Iris with Judy Wood
Cherish Butterflies with Janet Heffernan (Saturday Only)
Spirals Begin with Janet Heffernan (Sunday Only)


The FAT Quarter

Apart from all the wonderful above things that have been organised, there are a number of competitions to participate in as well ...


Please note I am not a coordinator of the weekend, I just wish to publicise it on my blog as I live in Gunning!


If you wish to make contact with the organisers (Peta, Maree and Margaret) for more information, contact: info(at)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking Through My House

I have to blog more. I know!

Today I thought I would take you for a walk through the floors of my house, mainly because they are photos that I took that I will not have to crop!

 How could one not be inspired?

Added: Because I was going out to dinner and had minimal time to post, but still wanted to post, and in response to some of the comments!

The rectangular one above is in the shower I use, so I stand there staring at it as I wash my hair and think ... "oh, that would make a great quilt" and the other night I was standing there thinking "you could probably knit a blanket like that" and I just had to share! I think both my grandparents had similiar tiled bathrooms.

The one with the multicoloured squares is a rug my parents had in their house over floorboards (now polished) when I was growing up and my siblings and I loved hopping across it from coloured square to coloured square and when we moved into the house that we are renting at the moment, my Dad said why didn't we put the rug down on the rather ugly green feltex in the front room.

As Dad had "one day" been planning on using it in a cottage he wanted to build and has not and is not likely to ever build one, I think he is rather glad to see it again and for it to be used.

And I love the flowers in the hall way! If I get a chance, I'll take some more photos of that one for you!
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gunning Patchwork Weekend 25th and 26th of June

Got your diaries out? Gunning Patchwork Weekend is coming up the 25th and 26th of June.

Gunning is located just off the Hume Hightway between Goulburn and Yass, being 48 kilometres from Goulburn, and 32 kilometres from Yass.

Gunning is about 40 kilometres from Crookwell and 32 kilometres from Gundaroo and 244 kilometres from Sydney CBD and 67 kilometres from Civic ACT.

About 70 people attend each year with some people travelling from as far as Tasmania.

If you think you could be interested in a weekend in Gunning, please keep this website in mind as more information and ENROLMENT FORMS will be issued shortly!

The Fat Quarter 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God Speed The Plough

Okay, no craft but I thought I would share a few images of what it means to live in the country ...

This is a tea towel my Mum turned into wall decoration, a gift from an Irish friend.

And the best thing about living in the country is the lovely generous neighbours with gifts of free vegies!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Have You Been Looking For Your Dream Job in Capalaba, Queensland?

 Ever considered getting a little practical hands-on experience in screen-printing and marketing?

This job may suit you ...

Thea & Sami - Junior Assistant Required ...

I think it sounds like fun ... hope they get a fun somebody apply ...
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back ...

And it has only taken nearly a month to organise the phone line (first call made to my provider on the 25th of January), request broadband, have that switched on at the exchange and then receive my new modem, happily picked up from the post office the morning and I bet the post mistress was glad!

After spending nearly an hour setting all the "new" things up, I am nearly there.

The good news is my family are absolutely loving our new location, have settled into a new school very well, Little Miss adores her new uniform, and we have entered and won prizes in our local Gunning Rural Show, we have a new pony called "Misty" and six Dohne ewes, and my husband is enjoying his new job.

I've also discovered some rather nice groups in the area, including the Wednesday Crookwell Patchwork Quilters Group, the local Gunning Sew and Chat Group, the Gardening Club, and there are quite a few things to put on the agenda to attend in the coming months!

The Southern Tablelands of New South Wales - Events and Festivals

I have been knitting a little bit, but have sort of lost my motivation with my sewing a little bit, but I'm sure it will come back when I am a bit more settled.

There are also three gorgeous cafes in town - The Merino Cafe, The Old Hume Cafe and The Bentley on Hume Cafe. Naturally, I've been sharing my patronage around and have taken my kids for milkshake one day a week at all three so far, and a few hot chocolates here and there for myself.

If you are ever on your way down the Hume Highway, stop off in Gunning for a break. The food is excellent and it is quiet and easy to get into and then back onto the highway!

More photos and more chat later!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally moving!

The house cleaning has been done! Everything looks nearly as good as the day we moved in! Now it is time to go onto the next chapter of our lives! I'll see you in my next location!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woolworths to match dollar for dollar donations through their stores ...

Insider Retailing Article

All donations over $2 will receive a tax receipt at the checkout.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Floods and Other Things

I cannot post without mentioning the dreadful floods that Queensland and northern New South Wales are having at the moment. I am sure that by now most of my readers are aware of what is happening.

I applaud the efforts of all volunteers and all paid workers who are assisting with the efforts and who are so brave as they save people from floodwaters and also the coroners and the police who will be going house to house in the aftermath and hope that the death count does not extend any further than the current 12 people.

Like many, I feel powerless to help, but I congratulate those such as Recycled Fashion who are donating goods to be auctioned (hers will be a silent auction with the highest bidder to be notified, then to present evidence of their donation to the relief fund). I intend to place a bid on that one! There are also many other blog writers and artists who are contributing items for auctions such as this and you can connect with them by hitting the pink button on the left of this post or perhaps scroll down my blog to the Australian bloggers and see some who are participating.

My husband and my family are in the midst of moving to the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, about 80% packed now and when I am sorted in our new home, with internet connections etc, I will find something to place for a silent auction on my blog.

We will be out of our home in Sydney within the coming week and as we pack, I can't help feeling the irony of our packing taking so long as some people are having their lifetime of possessions washed away in a matter of hours.

I don't have anybody I know directly affected by the floods, but there are several people whose blogs I read who are in the thick of it and I was speaking to a friend last night whose father has a friend whose parents experienced the 1974 flood and are now experiencing this one through their house at Goodna. Unbelievable the destruction.

I don't know if I should continue on with my post, but in light of the fact that I don't know when my next will be posted, I will ...

Okay, batteries have been found and I have a few photos of my holiday thrifting to share and one other ...

First, the achievement. At the age of 38, about 20 years too late, I have achieved my red P plates, which now means I can drive a car by myself at a restricted maximum speed of 90 kilometres/hour. The driving test was passed on my daughter's 9th birthday. This happened last week, not today. Just delayed in sharing.

I have been driving across several suburbs by myself since and have had the pleasure of visiting Freedom and Fantastic Furniture in a bulky goods shopping centre by myself! I plan visiting a Spotlight by car next and maybe a Vinnies.

Onto holiday thrifting finds and photos!

Arnotts Tin, Harrington Markets - $3. Now faithfully containing the DMC stranded cottons (no, not the ones organised ...others!)

1940's/1950's Vintage Anodised Cake Tin, Harrington Markets - $10. The seller had another similiar, but bigger for $18 and had this one marked at $12 and instantly said $10 when I offered him $20. Now kicking self I didn't purchase the other one. Now faithfully holding DMC Perle cottons.

Interesting pottery/china mug, Harrington Anglican Op Shop, $1. No marks of maker on the bottom. This was too good to share with the boys in my previous post regarding "Special Drinking Mugs".

Various hand embroidered napkins and doily, Harrington Anglican Op Shop, 50c each.


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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Notebook Magazine

Okay, maybe you know this magazine, maybe you don't.

If you do, have you tried to get a copy lately and been unable to?

I had tried just before Christmas and was told by several newsagents that it was no longer on their list (they looked it up for me). A bit more searching for the website and I find out it has been discontinued.

Very disappointing ....

Remaining magazines in their stable are Inside Out and Country Style. Wonder how long these will last?

Do you buy magazines and if so, what ones?

I buy:

Australian House & Garden (100% Australian homes featured)
sometimes Australian Better Homes & Gardens
sometimes Australian Home Beautiful (not 100% Australian homes featured)
sometimes Australian Family Circle
sometimes Australian Homespun

and at my sister's she had Australian Country Style (so I had to buy the first copy of that I saw... very nice!)

I don't buy Who or New Idea or Women's Day, or Australian Women's Weekly, but if I come across a copy, I will read it!

Note for Notebook Subscribers
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