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Monday, November 22, 2010

Contemplating the Possibilities

On Friday night, I met up with three girls from high school and had a post 20 Year Reunion reunion which was very interesting. While none of us had been particularly good friends at school, we very much enjoyed each others company at dinner and discussing the difficulties that each had felt while at school and were glad those times were over.

Knowing that these three girls each had their own girls, I knitted each a headband and presented them during dinner. I do have photos of the mothers wearing these, but I am not sharing!

I am told that each of the daughters loved the headbands!

On Saturday morning, my husband woke me at 5.30 am and it was wake the family, pack some clothes and into the car and off to my cousin's farm to assist with some stock work he had to do. On the trip down, I knitted, while my husband and cousin worked in the sun with 700 sheep, I knitted inside, while his wife did bookwork on the computer. During the night, I knitted. I also sewed. Buttons and seams!

My cousin's wife also went into town on the Saturday to get some vaccine for the stock work and while there we went and looked at the house that we are contemplating renting next year. Unfortunately, she also got a flat tyre while there, with a nail in the tyre.

This is them bringing in the stock, a streak of fresh white wool, having been sheared recently.

On Sunday, there was less knitting as I went and helped catch sheep and was assured by my cousin it was much faster with an extra set of hands on board.

Then it was back to the house for a sausage and sauce sandwich and into the car (with some knitting) and home again.

So today I have sent a message to the convener of the local monthly markets, wondering what is required to participate, and I am contemplating the possibilities for next year.

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  1. Don't you just love new ideas, possibilities and adventures? ~ Christine

  2. You were so sweet to bring along those headbands. Emily looks gorgeous with it on. Not has lovely as me of course. Thanks again.

  3. Nessa...I think the things you like about my post are just the things I like about yours...some common interests and a sense of place. As you know I enjoy my markets, find them stimulating.

  4. I am so seriously impressed with all this knitting that you do. Those headbands are so gorgeous.

    Yep! You have to do the markets and you will do really well.

    Pam x

  5. Hi there,
    Love these headbands!
    I have noticed you are following my blog - thank you so much, it is an honour to think that you like my blog that much to think it worthy of following.
    I will follow you too. Because i think your blog is pretty cool.
    Thank you :-)


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