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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Left Out

I spent today whispering to my daughter all the reasons why she had been left out of a party with our nearest neighbour's son, which others in her class (girls included) had mostly been invited and she had not.

I don't get excluding children from parties. Seriously,  I don't. I think it is rude. And cruel. To be within in view of your class mates, but not asked. Oh well, she rode her horse with Daddy and her brother instead.

When my son had a party last year with two of his mates, I made sure that all the members of his class were invited whether my son liked it or not. I also made sure that the new boy who had just moved in was invited with his parents and younger brother so that they would get to meet more people in the community.

I just figure that our nearest neighbour was having a Wiggles party and didn't want her to know that he was still a Wiggles fan at the grand old age of 12.

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