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Friday, May 25, 2012

Canberra Region Feltmakers

If you live near Canberra and are at a loose end this weekend, the the CSIRO Discovery Centre at Black Mountain is hosting "Metamorphosis, Rapt in Felt" - Annual Exhibition and Bazaar by the Canberra Region Feltmakers.

One of my good friends, Terry Nash, is one of the exhibiting artists.(If you check the brochure out I think she made the mat on the bottom right.)

Unfortunately, I don't think that I am going to get to go, between taking the kids to soccer in Goulburn and having to do a shift at Creative Gunning on Sunday ... but if I could, I would!! Terry also has some rather magnificent stuff at Creative Gunning and is involved with the Wine, Wool & Jazz night that the Gunning Show Society runs in conjunction with the Gunning Show in February of each year.

The fashion parades start at 12.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday and I have enclosed a link if you wish to find out more!

Canberra Region Feltmakers

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