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Friday, February 25, 2011

Have You Been Looking For Your Dream Job in Capalaba, Queensland?

 Ever considered getting a little practical hands-on experience in screen-printing and marketing?

This job may suit you ...

Thea & Sami - Junior Assistant Required ...

I think it sounds like fun ... hope they get a fun somebody apply ...
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back ...

And it has only taken nearly a month to organise the phone line (first call made to my provider on the 25th of January), request broadband, have that switched on at the exchange and then receive my new modem, happily picked up from the post office the morning and I bet the post mistress was glad!

After spending nearly an hour setting all the "new" things up, I am nearly there.

The good news is my family are absolutely loving our new location, have settled into a new school very well, Little Miss adores her new uniform, and we have entered and won prizes in our local Gunning Rural Show, we have a new pony called "Misty" and six Dohne ewes, and my husband is enjoying his new job.

I've also discovered some rather nice groups in the area, including the Wednesday Crookwell Patchwork Quilters Group, the local Gunning Sew and Chat Group, the Gardening Club, and there are quite a few things to put on the agenda to attend in the coming months!

The Southern Tablelands of New South Wales - Events and Festivals

I have been knitting a little bit, but have sort of lost my motivation with my sewing a little bit, but I'm sure it will come back when I am a bit more settled.

There are also three gorgeous cafes in town - The Merino Cafe, The Old Hume Cafe and The Bentley on Hume Cafe. Naturally, I've been sharing my patronage around and have taken my kids for milkshake one day a week at all three so far, and a few hot chocolates here and there for myself.

If you are ever on your way down the Hume Highway, stop off in Gunning for a break. The food is excellent and it is quiet and easy to get into and then back onto the highway!

More photos and more chat later!
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