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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Very Easy Lots of Garter Stitch Poncho

Okay, those that know me may know that I knitted this a while back. They might also know that I have knitted one for Kylie (which I have to sew up, after I take it back a row and recast off) and that I am knitting one for Megan (oh so nearly finished).

And the thing is, it is dead easy, just lots of knitting and one seam to sew up.

This is based on another pattern which appeared in Creative Knitting, but the gauge is completely different.

Mine uses two balls of Carnival Acrylic DK (8 ply) or similar wool, and about three or four balls of something fluffy or woolly or a bit different. It could be eyelash yarn, it could be a different colour (using a black and white mixed ball with two black balls for Megan), or anything that will wash the same and strikes your fancy.

Using 9 mm needles, and a cable cast on, cast on 70 stitches using first ball of Carnival, knit three rows, then add "fancy" wool and knit one row, then add 2nd ball of acrylic, and continue knitting, carrying yarn along the side (enclosing it) with 4 rows acrylic and one row fancy.

Cast on
Plain, Plain, Plain
Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain
Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain


Knit to 140 cm and then sew the cast-off end to the RIGHT side edge of the rectangle and finished.

And yes, I did tie tag it to my sister's trampoline to take the photo. I can also confirm that throwing it on newly mowed lawn to get a photo is not a very bright move on my part, oh the grass!

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  1. Looks cute. I couldn't actually tell it was on a trampoline ...


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