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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joan Loves Yellow

Joan loves yellow.

I hope Joan loves yellow wool.

No photos I have taken tonight will do justice to this scarf, but it is lovely. It is sandy yellow with tweed flecks of orange and green.

It is knitted in Lincraft Premium Italiano donegal merino 12 ply yarn (silver label) which is Made in Italy composed of 100% merino and is heavenly soft using 6.5 mm needles (40 stitches) and 3 balls of yarn.

I bought the yarn at Lincraft at Bankstown recently at around $6.00 a ball, perhaps more. Where is that darn receipt?

Lincraft have a number of these Premium Italian yarns which I believe are a limited one off order.

I'm not writing the pattern because it is simply a matter of working out which way you want the bumps. Knit to throw them away from you. Purl to turn the towards you.

So happy 70th Joan! You are a treasure in our lives and we love you, and sorry we missed your surprise party. Sick kids.

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