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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd Social Knit In at Bankstown Library Completed

All new faces, with a few from last month having forewarned that they would be on holidays for this session and back in October. At this rate, we will be moving to a bigger room next month!!

Jann, the librarian and facilitator brought in her comfort rug to share and I took a photo for the blog.

Each patch of colour is of significance for where she bought it during various world travels and employment.

Jann spent some time in Japan teaching English and the cream wool is from there, as are her trusty Clover brand bamboo knitting needles. The green wool is from Trieste in Italy, where she had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, there was also red wool purchased in Oxford Street, London and blue wools purchased in Paris.

This is the best kind of souvenir to bring back from any holiday! Useful.

Jann said that the rug had also been a comfort rug to her mother when she nursed her to her death.

Also at the meeting were a mother and daughter who related stories of their migration to Australia as 10 pound Poms, sponsored by a family member. These were hard times, where they camped at Belmore for 8 months and the only assistance they got was an allowance to buy 2nd rate corrugated iron to build a temporary shed on their block at Georges Hall.

There was also a lady who had emigrated from Poland with her husband after the 2nd World War with him working as a surveyor on the Snowy Mountains Electricity Scheme and she discussed the difficulties of acclimatising to the Australian diet, including having to explain to her butcher that she wanted beef liver, as she had eaten in her old country by drawing a sketch of a person and indicating where the organ was. For some reason, my mind kept thinking of the Australian mini series The Far Country (1986) by George Miller, that starred Michael York and Sigrid Thornton.

I was finishing off a square for Wrap With Love and also knitting another "My Friend Kylie is Not a Singing Budgie Scarf" for another friend Kylie who is turning 40 very shortly in another colourway, which will remain a "Surprise" and also showed somebody how to do a cable.

While it is interesting to go to knitting groups and knit, it isn't always about the knitting, the stories are interesting too, Bankstown being a diverse mix of people!

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