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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Notebook Magazine

Okay, maybe you know this magazine, maybe you don't.

If you do, have you tried to get a copy lately and been unable to?

I had tried just before Christmas and was told by several newsagents that it was no longer on their list (they looked it up for me). A bit more searching for the website and I find out it has been discontinued.

Very disappointing ....

Remaining magazines in their stable are Inside Out and Country Style. Wonder how long these will last?

Do you buy magazines and if so, what ones?

I buy:

Australian House & Garden (100% Australian homes featured)
sometimes Australian Better Homes & Gardens
sometimes Australian Home Beautiful (not 100% Australian homes featured)
sometimes Australian Family Circle
sometimes Australian Homespun

and at my sister's she had Australian Country Style (so I had to buy the first copy of that I saw... very nice!)

I don't buy Who or New Idea or Women's Day, or Australian Women's Weekly, but if I come across a copy, I will read it!

Note for Notebook Subscribers
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  1. You know, I don't buy magazines any more at all. I began to find that the Interiors ones I'd get were always full of ads and the homes all began to look the same ... completely uninspiring.

    I spend all my time reading blogs now! I find they're much more satisfying. And I can chose which ones I want to read because they're all quite specific.

  2. My Mum & I have subscriptions to several cooking mags and we swap them once they're read - we both love to try out new recipes!

  3. oh no I have enjoyed Notebook....the only one I buy on a regular basis!! Disappointing....

  4. I so loved notebook and I only have only ever bought them 2nd hand and was so dissapointed when I heard it was dicontinued so am searching for the ones I havnet got.I buy all other mags 2nd hand too I dont see the value of new when I can often buy them a week later fopr 20cents.Lots I use to cut up and some I keep like Notebook and Boho (an american magazine and have only found one so far but loved it) then found one called Yen today but was a 2006 issue so not sure if still available.

  5. As part of a general decluttering I am trying not to buy magazines at all. I borrow sewing and phtotgraphy magazines from my local library. I have given away mountains of Australian Stitches sewing magazines.
    I do buy Shop Till You Drop occassionally...and very occasionally Australian Vogue to dream over but I find paying $8.95 for a magazine full of clothes I can't afford a bit rude!

  6. I am bad with magazines, really bad because I have a couple of big newsagencies near me that stock a lot of great ones like the US quilting and knitting mags. I need to be better in 2011

    I used to work for notebook on their craft room so yes they had to shut up shop last year and it was very sad:( it was a lovely magazine and lovely people there!


  7. I'd never heard of the mag until I went to my cousin's place and it was lying around, I thought it was quite well done, pity it closed but magazines all over the world are going under (Harper's Bazaar went bust in Japan, and when you go bust in such a magazine-loving nation as Japan you know you are in trouble). Have you tried Peppermint magazine, hint hint :) (I write for them, as you may or may not know)...

  8. ta for your comment, please do check it out - but even if you move, you can always subscribe :)
    Unlike other mags, the back copies are always useful, lots of eco/ethical info on fashion, beauty, and many other topics, and nothing about how to catch and keep boys as is usually the topic in girls' mags...

  9. I so love notebook magazine and have been seriously missing it. It was the only one I used to by and have not found a replacement that I like yet. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Naomi x


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