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Friday, November 26, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Silver

I've been sitting here, taking almost forever to upload the right photos and Colourful Fridays is nearly over for today! So quick, the explanations!

First a teapot Mum said I could bring back from the farm for tea cosy photos. Mum would like me to knit a tea cosy for one of my Dad's cousins and perhaps she thinks this would be a good model! This was the teapot most commonly used as I grew up and the inside is very stained with tannins!

Next, a teapot trivet from my Aunty Helen, modeling cottons from my paternal grandmother's sewing box.

Can you see the cotton names on the Dewhurst Sylko cottons? Dk. Blue Slate, Dk. Beaver and Grey Mist on the Super Sheen! I loved that they named them and they weren't just numbers.

Next up we have little electronically plated silver mustard pots that I was gifted by mother when I was young. I'm pretty sure I was gifted them because she didn't like cleaning them. Guess what, neither do I and it shows!

On the bottom they say Farmers and E.P. Do you suppose they were from Farmers Department Store in Sydney once upon a time? Here is a little link.

Next for the Francophiles some DMC Tapestry wool wristbands in colour 7618 which I bought from Lincraft this week for the princely sum of $0.79 and knocked up into this rather stylish piece of art. I think so, anyway! I am knitting some to go with my daughter's friends end of year Christmas presents at the moment in all the colours of the acrylic rainbow. Mine is in WOOL! This is another modification of the My Friend Kylie scarf. Perhaps I will try them next in DMC Cottons. They take about 8 metres of yarn exactly.

Next, a slate grey wall plaque that my husband's grandfather Jock bought back as a slate tile from Scotland on his last visit. He had very good friends who were wood turners and they framed the slate for him. This is normally up on a wall somewhere, but my husband has painted several and removed nails in preparation of moving.

Finally, some pewter goblets. One with Vanessa and one with Cameron, I think from our wedding and probably from Claudia!

Also, my graduation one from University of New England Orange Agricultural College 1991-1992 where I did an Associate Diploma in Rural Business Administration. My husband did an Associate Diploma in Horse Management, hence the horse above!

And lastly, but not least, three knives I bought yesterday for $1 each from Salvos at Bankstown! Bargain. All Stainless Steel. One branded "Embassy", the next "Cavalier - Made in Sheffield" and lastly "Carlton Cutlery Co. Made in Sheffield".

If you want to see more Colourful Fridays ~ Silver, pop on over to Bev at  Kainga Happenings, with thanks also to Robyn at Daisy Quilts.

And if you have not played before, please play next week, all welcome to join in!
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  1. Fabulous photos. Love the family stories behind them all.

  2. Hello Nessa,

    Such interestin Silver items all with a story,which I love to hear. Great bargains with those knives.
    Happy Colourful Friday,enjoy your weekend.

  3. It is lovely to get things from the family with a history behind them they mean so much. I love the mustard pots. Nobody seems to use them here, but growing up in the UK you never served meat without mustard, especially the Sunday roast.

    Yes I to love to hate silver!

    Lil Bit Brit

    P.S. Thank you for leaving all your lovely comments.

  4. Love the mustard pots. Am just starting to put a whole lot of silver around my house for Christmas. Here on the table where I sit I am looking at a silver Chirstmas tree. Love the colour. G

  5. Lots of lovely silver in your photos. Great to see the old wooden cotton reels. The mustard pots are lovely, too. The slate looks really interesting. Great collection.

  6. Oh I love those mustard pots. Did people use them to serve mustard? Must have been for beef meals and such, I'd guess, if so.

  7. Alyssa, originally they had little blue plastic pots in them to line them, but I don't know what happened to them! Rather fancy, aren't they!


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