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Friday, February 25, 2011

Have You Been Looking For Your Dream Job in Capalaba, Queensland?

 Ever considered getting a little practical hands-on experience in screen-printing and marketing?

This job may suit you ...

Thea & Sami - Junior Assistant Required ...

I think it sounds like fun ... hope they get a fun somebody apply ...
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  1. I haven't left a comment before - so here goes! I live in Mittagong in the southern highlands and really enjoy your blog. Glad your move went well. There are so many lovely places in the region you have moved to - and yes - I can vouch for the great cafes in Gunning!!! Enjoy your new place.... Michelle.

  2. I saw Thea was looking for someone. I am lucky to have met Thea as she lives in my part of the world. If sounds like a great opportunity for a young person doesn't it!Hope you have a lovely week, cheers Katherine


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