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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God Speed The Plough

Okay, no craft but I thought I would share a few images of what it means to live in the country ...

This is a tea towel my Mum turned into wall decoration, a gift from an Irish friend.

And the best thing about living in the country is the lovely generous neighbours with gifts of free vegies!
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  1. That sunrise (sunset?) is gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE that tea towel! I want one so bad!!

  3. It is a beauty isn't it. I think it might be twenty or more years old. It has "Cornish Industries" in the corner if that is any help, but I suspect not. I think the words would make a really good cross stitch if you are that way inclined!

  4. Round here we will have to wait for another 4-6 months before we can harvest some of these vegetables. In spite of living in the depth of the country.

  5. I'm just a great big chicken! We haven't yet made the move-to-the-country leap. But I'm no longer so sure it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Room for chickens!

  6. It looks like you have wonderfully generous neighbors and the most beautiful sunsets!


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