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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ever wonder if you have too many books?

I am a book collector.

In fact, I have so many books, I wonder how my 2nd storey has not collapsed under the weight of my bookshelf.

I am currently typing up a list of my books because I am packing them away for a potential move in January of next year.

I have cookbooks, Patchwork and Quilting magazines, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circles, Country Craft Collections, Australian Good Taste magazine, and of course Knitting books and magazines.

And I love them all. And I can't part with any of them. And maybe one day I will put them all to good use.

My hope is that one day when I am long gone there may be somebody who loves them like me ... perhaps.

Literacy is a powerful skill and I use mine every day.

Ever wondered who your target audience is when you print a book on craft?

I'm it.

Just look at my Books page.

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