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Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Knitting Books at School

I went to my daughter's school today for Grandparent's Day to accompany my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting in place of my parents and as part of Book Week they had books available to buy in the Library.

While I was there, I went and had a look at 746 Non Fiction to see what they had in the way of knitting and other handicraft books for kids and am sad to say NOT ONE BOOK on knitting to be found.

Now this might be an indication that they are all out and borrowed, but the librarian seemed to indicate there was not much interest (and if they aren't in the catalogue how can there be???)

I have to say that all the books in 746 were horribly dated, with tatty yellowed covers, being from the 1970's and were on crochet, macrame etc.

I bet they get every book on cricket, football etc, but knitting just doesn't rate.

I am quite disappointed. My daughter and her friend have tried knitting this year and I would like to see a greater selection in schools.

If anyone knows good knitting books for kids to suggest, please post.

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  1. How sad! Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick is pretty good.

  2. 'Kids learn to knit' by Lucinda Guy is great - she also does a book for crochet.


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