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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Melody at  The House on the Side of the Hill has taken over from Tuesday Treasures from Clare at Clare's Craftroom and while I have never played before, I have long been an admirer, so here goes my first foray into Tuesday Treasure playing ...

First, I have my needlebook, purchased from Como Markets, Sydney about ten years ago, before kids. Regardless of whether I am knitting or sewing on a button, I am always relieved and happy to find this and use my needles!

Secondly, I have a little brown two person teapot I purchased from Vinnies at Bankstown last week for $3 (half price day). How could anyone throw this out? No chips. Just perfect. I've made tea for one in it with one teabag and enough water for two mugs and it is the perfect size for that second cuppa.

Thirdly, I have a little teapot I purchased from Peter Stephens of Seavington Road, Elizabeth Park, South Australia, which I got on Ebay about 3 years ago. Peter has been in the Potter's Directory, and his write up said "Currently producing earthenware teasets, casseroles, lidded containers, vases, bowls, and other tablewares. Also makes individual, handbuilt vessles and objects making contrasts in the shapes and forms for an evocative artisitic image ... Developing a poetic and simple form of art or craft, for a more ecological and aware society." "Studies and practised in Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney."

My photo doesn't do it justice. It is more bluebelly!

It is a bit "I'm a little teapot ... " isn't it!

Happy Tuesday Treasures!
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  1. Now I know where to go to get that perfect cuppa, I like you cannot understand someone putting such a lovely teapot to the op-shop. Great buy.
    Happy Tuesday and enjoy your treasures.

  2. Thanks for the Owl Barn link Nessa!

  3. I love my needle book and so does DH. I used to shove my needles in the armrest of the chair where I sit, until one day DH sat down on them *giggle*. The world is a safer place now that I own a needlebook *grin*. Love your teapots! toni xxx

  4. Thank you so much for playing Tuesday Treasures, it is very much appreciated. I love finding bargains in op shops and often wonder about the stories behind the.
    I've got a bit of a thing about teapots I just love them and your blue one is a dream. The needlebook is cute too.
    Thanks once again for playing.

  5. Lovely needlebook. My favourite colour!
    Your teapots are gorgeous too.
    the shapes of both of them are very appealing.

  6. I am a little bit excited over the blue teapot thing BECAUSE I live very near Elizabeth Park!!!! How did you find this man?????

  7. Hi Thanks for leaving me a comment. Good luck in my Give away.

  8. Love the blue teapot would like lovely with my cushions. Funny that your MIL has the same napkins. Wonder where they are from. Charmaine

  9. Hi, love your needlebook. I had the very same fabric that I used to make the very same items around the same time period, Funny huh. No it's not one of mine, but it is very cool all the same.
    Your teapots are very cute too.
    Great to meet you here :-)

  10. Because you are all (am I right or am I right?) loving the blue teapot, I have done a little more digging up about it ... I purchased it in March 2008 off Ebay as I said. The seller's id is Artistnext and he is still selling teapots on Ebay ... whoo hooo ... and one is the same shape as my blue one but another colour .. but whoo hoo ... here are the details ... (P.S. I am getting no commission ... just satisfaction in passing on an Australian artisan ...)
    That should show you straight to him .. I hope.

  11. Thank you for the visit and comment, I see you have a well-loved needle book! I used to get my needles "lost" into the pincushion. I opened it up one day and it was full of needles!

  12. The teapots are both gorgeous. What great finds.

  13. Lovely Treasures.... hope you join us again... I love hopping around and seeing what others have found..... lovely tea pots... me being a tea drinker admire them lots...

  14. Good to see I'm not the only one who's crazy for knitting and tea! Don't they go well together?


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