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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking Through My House

I have to blog more. I know!

Today I thought I would take you for a walk through the floors of my house, mainly because they are photos that I took that I will not have to crop!

 How could one not be inspired?

Added: Because I was going out to dinner and had minimal time to post, but still wanted to post, and in response to some of the comments!

The rectangular one above is in the shower I use, so I stand there staring at it as I wash my hair and think ... "oh, that would make a great quilt" and the other night I was standing there thinking "you could probably knit a blanket like that" and I just had to share! I think both my grandparents had similiar tiled bathrooms.

The one with the multicoloured squares is a rug my parents had in their house over floorboards (now polished) when I was growing up and my siblings and I loved hopping across it from coloured square to coloured square and when we moved into the house that we are renting at the moment, my Dad said why didn't we put the rug down on the rather ugly green feltex in the front room.

As Dad had "one day" been planning on using it in a cottage he wanted to build and has not and is not likely to ever build one, I think he is rather glad to see it again and for it to be used.

And I love the flowers in the hall way! If I get a chance, I'll take some more photos of that one for you!
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  1. oh the rectangular bathroom floor are the same as we had when I was a kid. and the grey floral isn't far off what we had either!!
    hey Nessa, I'm knitting a scarf! lacy pattern mohair, long story but I'll blog about it in a few weeks time.... kinda cute but as I haven't knitted anything with a pattern for ages, it's a bit difficult remembering to COUNT the rows!

  2. That's right all those patterns -Just gorgeous. Love that floral carpet.

    If I did a post on my floors...boring....all wooden!

  3. I love your mish-mash of floors. I can see why you'd have to photograph them. The tiles are incredible.

  4. I love the colors! You're right, there's a great amount of inspiration in your home.

  5. Hi Nessa, see you have won on 'pencil and pins'.....yeh!

  6. The grey and floral is similar to the well known axminster which is one of my all time favourites. Cherrie

  7. I love all your different tiles and those carpet flowers are gorgeous.

  8. Wow, my floorboards are very boring in comparison You have fabulous floor coverings. How clever to share them.

  9. That floral affair is an absolute FAVE!

  10. I like the flowers too. Inspiring to knit into a cushion cover?


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