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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cherry Bowl

For years this carnival glass cherry bowl sat in the cupboard on top of my microwave because I hated it. Truly hated it. Wished it would drop out of the cupboard and break into 1000 pieces kind of hated it.

But guess what. I got it out of my cupboard within the last six months and put it on the bench near my apricot kitchen blinds, and slightly apricot tiles (hello, house built in the 1990's) and suddenly I loved it and appreciated it. Maybe even adored it. And wondered why that thought had never occurred to me before.

When my husband's grandfather moved out of his house and into a retirement home, we were not involved in the "clean house for sale" process at all. In fact, I wonder if my father-in-law was either. Anyway, we were relegated this, which I seem to remember being told was worth "a lot of money". Many times in the era of hate, I thought "should find out how much that thing is worth and flog it".

But now I am glad I got over that, it looks great full with apples and bananas and the regulars in the fruit bowl. Admittedly no cherries.

I don't know how much it might be worth. I have googled today trying to find another "the same" but can't.

It does have some slight imperfections (like crack lines in the glass ...) so for anybody that thinks it might be worth a fortune, I seriously doubt it (unless you have evidence otherwise!)

For those concerned I might go all carnival glass collecting, be assured, ain't gonna happen. Still love my Amber Glassware ...


  1. It is pretty and I think with similar coloured objects around it,it would be great. Charmaine

  2. Hi! Just wanted to come over and check out your great site and say thanks for signing up to follow on mine. I hope you enjoy~

  3. Oh...I like your blog...nice sense of who you are, time and place.

  4. Hi Nessa, I saw your comment on the Opshop blog about FD's unusual fabric, and came over to see what you DO like! Your bowl is beautiful, regardless of its monetary worth. I inherited a few glass items from my parents too, and recently put a dark green vase into an auction house because it had been gathering dust on top of a bookshelf for years. The auctioneer said it will only get about $20 or $30, and I had a re-think about it, because it's been in the family for I don't know how many generations, and it has to be worth more than that from a personal perspective, regardless of the value. So I'm going to snatch it back next week!
    I had a giggle over your post about having two many craft books. Join the club!!

  5. so great that a new place caused you to rethink the cherry bowl. Maybe I should try that with a few things I'm thinking about getting rid of.

  6. Gina E. you know I am now dying to see your green glass vase .... I want photos!!

  7. I'd be interested to know how much that's worth too... looks exactly like the sort of thing The Collectors go on about all the time... you might be interested in this cup, by the way...
    And I'm fine re you not liking my fabric and using the comment as a lure to get Gina E over here, haha.... I know not everyone likes ethnicky stuff but I'm a sucker for it!

  8. Doesn't take much to lure me over to another blog - lol! Love to blog-surf.
    Nessa, if I get that vase back from the auction rooms, I'll take a photo and post it on my blog. I did have a photo of it on one of my blogs years ago, but it would take me forever to track that post down.
    Thanks for your comment on my apron blog - can't wait to see the pics of your grandmother's aprons!

  9. I like it! I also like your phrase 'the era of hate' - it really spoke to me! Like your blog!


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