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Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a Thought For Bowel Cancer

 This is an email I sent to Bowel Cancer Australia ....
I'm throwing this idea out there because it came to me last night at midnight and sometimes you have to write these ideas down.
My family and I are thinking of moving to XXX in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales in January of next year. My husband has accepted a transfer to Reece Plumbing at XXX. We have yet to find accommodation, but my husband assures me everything is going to fall into place.
Anyway, my thought is this, XXX currently has a XXX Show weekend, a patchwork weekend, a fireworks weekend, but not a knitting weekend. (I am an obsessive knitter ...)
My family has a history of bowel cancer. My Dad's brother died of it in 1973, my father and his sisters have regular colonoscopies, as do I and my two brothers and sister. Several polyps have been removed between us. In fact, I believe my family history was used in some bowel cancer study at Newcastle a few years ago.
Anyway, getting down to the dirty idea, this is it. XXX Public School raises money every year through the P&C selling sheep manure collected from local shearing sheds. (My cousin has two children who attend this school, so this is how I know. My children would hopefully be attending this school next year.)
My thought is to build on this with a knitting bowel motions tea cosies weekend and a competition judged by a national knitting celebrity __________. (I haven't broached this idea with her as I don't know her ...)
While a little bit tasteless, my objectives would be to raise money for Bowel Cancer research, increase tourism to XXX, raise awareness of knitting and promote the use of wool. XXX is one of the finest wool growing areas in the world, with plenty of Merinos.
Thoughts? Objections?
I'll wait and see if I hear anything.


  1. This is a great idea. I have crohn's disease and I've realised that people just don't want to see bowel disease. They just want to forget it exists because it's yucky. I think being all tasteless and attention-grabbing is exactly what is needed. Let me know where I can send my tea cosy!

  2. I talked to the my cousin's wife about this and she ... well ... didn't ... sort of like the idea. I think it is one that people might need to warm to a little. And I had another thought about this ... what if it was the Truly Tasteless Tea Cosy Weekend? eh, does that sound good or what?

  3. I had a friend who died from this in her thirties. She lived in Kentucky and not having any health insurance, just thought it was hemorrhoids and let it go. So I have been fairly vigilant on this front.

    As another friend who is a nurse says, "the test is the cure." Other tests you have to wait for the results. It is one of the most treatable cancers if one just goes for the check up.

    I think that you idea is good, go with TTT

    Lil Bit Brit

    PS Thank you for leaving your comments.

  4. I had an email response to this idea from Bowel Cancer Australia on the 16th September. They have no objections, and if they can be of assistance, they are only too willing to help. We definately now are moving at the end of January, so once we are settled and the kids at school, it will be into the P&C to propose my idea and see how that pans (oh, pardon the pun!) out!


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