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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Things to Share

The first is a scarf I completed last night which might have Sharon's name on it! It is in Lincraft Surprise yarn.

I promise you, I have no commercial arrangement with Lincraft, even though I do use Lincraft Surprise Yarn a LOT. It appears I am drawn to this yarn.

It is knitted on the diagonal, the first time I have tried this. I cast on 21 stitches on 4.5 mm needles, knitted the first row and on every second row, knit the first two stitches, and lifted the first stitch over the second, knitted to the end where I knitted the last stitch and increased.

The next photo is a teapot I purchased at Ulladulla Second Hand Shop in Boree Street, just down the road from Coles Supermarket. I'm not going to mince words. It has to be one of the most disorganised second hand shops I have ever been in .... but ... the people were nice and there were bargains to be had.

My friend Kylie who was with me picked up a 1920's Grindley teapot for $30. Grindley is an English brand of china, that has since ceased production. I've tried since I got home to find her pattern on the net, but not been able. It is beautiful shape.

Mine cost me $3, and has "Made in Japan" "36" on the bottom. I would say it would make tea suitable for two. I think it has tea cosy written all over it.

They also had a Willow pattern blue and white teapot for about $50 ....

I could have spent more time in Ulladulla checking out the second hand shops,  if I hadn't had a 5th birthday party to plan that afternoon for my son Angus, with cocktail franks, coloured popcorn, chips, watermelon, donut cake, and 24 kids!

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  1. Lovely teapot ! I hope the party went well and happy birthday to the birthday boy !

  2. Your teapot made me gasp with delight. I grew up with it and a water jug to match. My daughter has them now. My earliest memory of it is in about 1948, in case your trying to work out how old it is. It could be older as I don't know how long Mum had it before I took notice of it.

  3. I thought it must be sometime post war, because "Made in Japan" in English was on the bottom (perhaps to meet a growing international market?). It is pretty small, about 15 cms tall, including the lid, and 15 cms wide. I bought it because I see a lot of Made in China, not Made in Japan and I like the colours!

  4. That wool does knit up nicely doesnt it :)

  5. The scarf looks great and what a bargain nice looking teapot. Hope the party went well, I have to also organise a 5th birthday very soon for my daughter. Is your son starting school then next year? We went to a school orientation today, very exciting, but can't believe she is nearly 5. G

  6. what a lovely teapot! And birthday greeting to your lil boy!

  7. You know, I've been in thrift stores like that and although it sometimes bugs me, I have to admit it's kinda cool to discover things in them. Somehow the disorganization makes finding treasures seem more likely. Love your new teapot and the scarf, too!

  8. I love the colors in that scarf! It's beautiful.

  9. Lincraft is an Australia store (think mini major size - that's retail talk for not a department store, but not as small as a specialty store) for craft, wool and material and sheets and other homemaker sort of items. I happen to have one near me. They have some of the wool/acrylic in their store labeled with their brand. If I happened to have Spotlight (their competitor) near me, I would be probably spouting about their yarns!

  10. I have just tagged you in my most recent post as a get to know you thing. If you have the time please check it out. Thanks G

  11. Such a cute teapot! One of my workmates showed me a Wedgewood one that she got for TWO DOLLARS today so it's Teapot Thursday.. or something...
    And beautiful scarf too, I'm not an autumnal person but those colours are lovely.


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