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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

I missed last Tuesday's Treasures, but  today I am playing!

This fellow I bought at the markets at Port Douglas in about October 2000 on the way back from Cape York. He is usually kept up on top of my china cabinet away from little fingers.

When the Sydney Olympic Games were on, my husband and I and friends Robyn and Gary decided that we weren't going to be here for the chaos, and headed off to see Cape York (which is at the very top of the mainland of the state of Queensland), via the Birdsville Races in western Queensland (link here), Longreach visiting the Stockman's Hall of Fame (link here), Muttaburra, Undarra Lava Tubes (link here), Cairns, Weipa (great fishing) and many other places.

As the Opening Ceremony was broadcast in the Games Room at Punsand Bay Caravan Park (link here), we received a call to say our house in Sydney had been broken into, but fortunately the fact that we had active neighbours and an alarm system prevented anything from being taken, though a panel of glass missing from the a window at back of the house was removed and never recovered on our property. We believe they may have smashed the window during the day with the intention of returning as people watched the opening ceremony.

That is the only thing that marred the holiday and the sights and scenery during our trip were extraordinary and we hope one day to do the trip again, this time with the kids.

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  1. What a rotton thing to happen but good to hear that you had wonderful trip. Your little lizard is great.

  2. What a gorgeous little lizard aqnd what a horrible thing to happen. I really dislike hearing that people can be so horrible and selfish and, well I'll leave it at that shall I?
    Your lizard is delightful and he does have some wonderful memories attached.
    Have a great week ahead.

  3. oh - the lizard is a beauty.... just the sort of thing I would get too.... glad you didn't lose anything at the breakin and the holiday sounds wonderful... I would love to do that trip.... one day...

  4. Hiya, my husband and I bought a green tree frog on branch from the very same markets in Septemebr 2000. We went to Port Douglas for our honeymoon :) It is beautiful there isn't it? We drank so much daintree tea it was beautiful and bought masses of it for our family, but of course it didn't taste as good down here with our water :(, and then we discovered you could by it at Woolies...hehe. Tamara (A Treasured Past)

  5. Oh and I like your new header. Charmaine

  6. I love the expression on the lizards face, it's almost smug *grin*. toni xxx

  7. Hello Nessa,

    That is one cute lizard, sorry to hear about your visitors while you were away. Hope you get back travelling soon.

    Happy days.

  8. What a cute lizard. A great memento of your non-olympics holiday. There must be something about getting broken into while holidaying in Qld. It happened to us in 1987. They took our TV and video. Did us a huge favour, as we've never replaced them.

  9. LOL Janice. We thought our TV was old in 2000, having bought it in 1995. It is even OLDER now! LOL

  10. Sorry to hear about the breakin. We had one ourselves several years ago, and while everything ended fine, it was still very unnerving.


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