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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday ~ Plug Your Mates

I don't know if Monday has a theme for blogging yet, but I am going to declare it

"Monday ~ Plug Your Mates Day" 

on my blog and if I knew how to use one of those linky tools, well I certainly would.

One of my old school friends who I met up with again at my recent 20th Year Reunion let me into the secret world of her blog last night and I can't be selfish about this. I have to share. She is seriously funny and deserves to be read by a broad cross section of blog land.

Anybody sitting there in a far off country that is not Australia and wondering about the connotations of "plugging your mate" it simply means promoting!

Let me introduce you:

I Am Housewife.....Hear Me Roar (also known as The Roaring Housewife)

This is her description of herself: "I live on the Gold Coast with my husband and daughter. My days are spent playing golf, going to Zumba and drinking decaf skim mocha lattes with a twist of lemon."

Now please go and read and come back and tell me if you like her blog (and leave her a comment too!)

And who knows who I might plug next week, it could be you .... (thank you all my new followers!!)

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  1. Haaaaaaaa she's a classic! Nice idea for a meme but too hard for me to choose only one out of all the bloggers I adore!

  2. Hey Ms Nessaknits.
    Your friend IS funny.
    And your Monday Mate post is a great idea.
    Well done you.
    Ta for visiting GPB (now QoftheTC)

  3. Yep confirmed. She is funny, I will be visiting her again. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to next Monday now. Charmaine

  4. You're so sweeeeet!! Can't wait to read more about your knitting, cause you know how much I love it. ;)

  5. Back again. I know you like knitting so I thought I would give you this link. This lady Ann from Estonia left a comment on my blog today. She knits the most beautiful fingerless gloves. Take a look and let me know what you think. I would love to knit a pair for next winter. Charmaine

  6. H Nessa and fairchildstreet!
    So nice you like what I do, I enjoyed your blogs too!
    It's amazing how many creative and nice people are living in this world.

    So maybe I should write down the pattern, not a bad idea. And if so, you'll be the firsts to get it!

  7. Nice idea....It's amazing where this network of bloggers will take you.


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