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Friday, November 19, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Brown is in Town

This is one of my father's plantings at his farm. When I asked him what it could be he rattled off a few types of pumpkins and squash. I think it might be Butternut Pumpkin ...

This is a teapot made by my sister while at school found lurking at the top of a cabinet! Dig the heart handle?

While at school, my sister did 3 Unit Art for the HSC. My sister's artwork was chosen for Art Express following the 1991 Higher School Certificate and this painting was exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in early 1992, alongside other artwork chosen from students work across the state. She didn't go on to have a long and dedicated career in art, but she shows a fine hand decorating and redecorating her home for her husband and her six children. Perhaps one day she will return to her art.

This is a Buff Orpington rooster, hen and chicks, and includes real feathers from those chooks, collected from our suburban backyard. Now if you are wondering why the hand is in the painting she had to incorporate a human element. The painting would have been more lovely without the hand ...agreed? Growing up, my parents always had chooks in the backyard, including this breed, and Anconas.

For more on Buff Orpingtons follow this link here.
For more on Anconas follow this link here.

These days, Dad prefers Isa Browns. Link here.

And to finish off the rural feel, I have chopped timber from the farm. My brother's and husband are responsible for the chopping, not me!

For the china enthusiast I have included one of my maternal great grandmother's dinner plates by Meakin circa 1930s, which my mother has.

Does anybody else agree that Elizabeth has short arms?

And finally for the knitting enthusiat, some of my scarves, sitting on my Dad's old piano stool at my house. One of these scarves isn't like the others. It is not knit!

Happy Colourful Friday all. For more Colourful Fridays, visit Bev at Kainga Happenings.

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  1. Great collection of brown today!
    I remember all the work with collecting wood and chopping - had many years of that.
    Gorgeous scarves too.
    Poor Elizabeth and her short arms!

  2. Hello Nessa,

    A wonderful range of Browns,your Sister is talented too. Love the teapot it is so cute, you will have to have a cuppa today from it. Love your wood supply all ready for next year.
    Have a Colourful Friday.

  3. I am loving the browns today.....especially the little cute teapot with heart knob handle!!!...and your lovely knitted scarves, gorgeous TK xx

  4. Great photos. Have a wonderful weekend

  5. Love the teapot! Have a great day :-)

  6. Butternut squash is great. Another squash I like is Spaghetti squash; which after it is baked in the oven, you can just shred it out with a fork, like spaghetti, eat it hot with butter on it.

    Lil Bit Brit

  7. I love that little teapot. It looks like it came straight out of a chinese archaeological dig - except for the heart handle that is! Cherrie

  8. Lovely Collection..Thanks for stopping by my Blog..sorry but you don't have your email in comments so I had to come here to reply...

  9. Wow you have lots of lovely brown things as well. Brown is very earthy. Charmaine Mr Fairchild Street will be on crutches for awhile I think. Charmaine

  10. We're not wood chopping the last few years, because this house doesn't have a fireplace. Can't wait until we have a house that does though! And yep, that Elizabeth - she sure had short arms.

  11. Fun photos. Your sister is definitely talented.
    BTW your link is not working properly.

  12. Clever sister, her work is lovely. Not sure about the picture of Elizabeth though, not only does she have short arms but she looks distinctly animal-like on that china!!

  13. AH! Two of my favourite things in that lot.
    Chickens and Teapots.
    Clever sister.

  14. Hi, I am so sorry not to have got back to you yet. I have been really busy. 3 markets coming up. when I was at spotlight i grabbed red with white polka dots but It's a bit scratchy. I have a really nice vintage red floral at the moment. It only made 2 pairs but one of them is a 10. I can send you some photos if you want. I really should have emailed you. I will email you. xox


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