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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Think Pink

Why so much Pink? I'm playing along with Daisy Quilts and Colourful Fridays. Play along too!

I'm a little early with my posts and won't have the proper link because I will be away camping for the weekend! House alarm is on, so don't get any ideas!

First, I have my paternal grandmother's tea set, which has Tuscan Fine Bone China on the bottom and is "Made In England". Note the handpainted roses. Who could not love so much gold?

Next, I have a photo of myself that was in my china cabinet for unknown reason in my Christening gown.This was taken on my parents bed. Nice chenille bedspread! I think that probably my maternal grandmother made the gown, and the lace is probably from my mother's wedding dress (chantilly lace?).

I think the idea of the gown was white gown and blue or pink petticoat underneath. I am one of four children, so this was worn twice in pink and twice in blue. I'm unsure if any of the grandchildren wore it, but my children haven't as they are not christened.

My daughter was and still is the apple of our eyes, but particularly when she was the only child for 3 1/2 years. These are some of the clothes bought for her to wear to Alexis's christening, my maternal grandmother's 90th birthday and other celebrations. These are put aside in her wardrobe for the day perhaps when she has a little girl of her own. Maybe she won't want them?

Who can resist including Pink DVD's and Videos?

This is my cat Patters from my late teenage years. My mother was concerned that I would never want to leave the cat and move away to go to uni. I did move away, and I took this photo with me.

This pink scarf is one of my creations and can be found here.

Lastly, here is a singlet with a teddy that I cross-stitched on for little miss. Perhaps one day her daughter may wear it too?

For more Pink, please visit Daisy Quilts on the link above!

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  1. Hi Nessa,
    So much wonderful pink-ness here!!
    The tea set and your daughter's beautiful pink clothes are lovely and your christening gown is amazing!! You are a beautiful baby... a little doll!!
    Thanks for playing and have the best time camping..ah such fun!!

  2. Hi Nessa. I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather is kind to you for camping.
    You have a lovely collection of pink in your photos. That tea set is a treasure for the future. And don't you look sweet in the christening gown! I love family traditions like that. I wonder what our children will look back on as a family tradition?
    Have a lovely pink Friday.

  3. Pink pink pink pink (sung to Micky mouse club song)

    Needles! One can NEVER have enough needles. I don't have enough. No i don't. Think I might go and buy some more right away.

    RWTC suggests knitting in the round on two circular needles. Google it for a great how to video. I use Knit Picks or Knit Pro.

  4. Hello Nessa,

    Oh I do love your collection of Pink especially the teacup, rather partial to a cup of tea.
    Have fun looking for lavender.
    Happy days.


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