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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Royal Albert

I've been thinking this week about Glory Boxes and wondering if any mothers (and fathers) in this modern world we live in still keep Glory Boxes for their daughters?

My sister and I both had Glory Boxes which were started for us from about the age of 10. I married at 23 and she about six months after me. We are 14 months apart in age and I have been married 15 years at the end of the month.

Anyway from about the age of ten, my sister and I got as part of our Christmas present (from Mum and Dad and also from other relatives) part of a Royal Albert dinner set each. I got Peach Rose pattern, which is now discontinued and she got Memory Lane.

My mother helped us select our pattern on a shopping trip to the china section of David Jones when we were about 10 apparently. I don't remember much about showing interest in any china!

My parents bought most of the dinner set at once (when it was on sale) and then gave bits with each occasion, ensuring the pattern didn't discontinue before we were finished completing the set, with a large proportion given at 18 I think.

When we left home to live with our husbands (yes, we didn't live with them out of home before we were married!) we both had a Royal Albert dinner set for 8 people (8 dinner plates, 8 cereal bowls) with 2 pepper and salt shaker sets, 1 cake plate and 1 sandwich tray and 8 cup saucer, and plate sets.

I have to admit I have rarely used mine, though I do display cup, saucers and plates in my china cabinet along with other things ...

Wonder if my sister uses hers much?

Did you have a glory box? Did your mother? Do you or your mother have a Royal Albert pattern? My mother's is Lavender Rose.


  1. I've never heard of Glory Boxes. I wonder if this is the same as a Hope Chest. I never had a china pattern, oh well. We saved all our pennies for our home. Maybe someday.

  2. I so enjoyed reading your post - that explains why I have not seen your china pattern before ;-) My aunty gave me a 6 setting cup/saucer/plate set of Old Country Roses when she came to Australia for our wedding in 1982 .... my collection has grown bit by bit ever since. I started my own glory box when I started working and I bought my own things.

  3. The Jolly Bee - yes, like a Hope Chest, only we never stored ours in an actual chest. We also had other things like sets of towels, tupperware dishes (brown, yellow, red and orange!), souvenir tea towels (from Aunty Helen who travelled a bit), measuring cups, etc, and also things from older friends who had had kitchen teas and been through what they had and had cast offs!

  4. I didn't have a glory box, neither did my Mother as far as I am aware. With my daughter (and son) I am making a keep sake box of the things she has made or might want when she is older. Thanks too for visiting my blog. G

  5. Nessa, I have never heard of a Glory learn something new every day! I do love china.
    Thanks for your comment on the fabric, I think its a bit to heavy to be sheeting (though it looks like it) perhaps some kind of roller towel? its the 28" width that is stumping me. J

    PS my wedding china was Wedgwood Flame Rose....also discontinued. After putting it away for about 20 years we got it out again and use it on an everyday basis now.

  6. Yes, in the early 70s as a young girl I was given numerous embroidery kits - doileys, tablecloths etc. - to work on for my glory box - completely forgot about this until I saw your post!

  7. fabricefantastique, I went and looked at Wedgewood Flame Rose and it is such a lovely pattern and crockery under it looks uncomplicated! I would use it everyday too, if I didn't have young children!


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