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Monday, August 9, 2010

Inaugural Social Knit In Bankstown Library Complete

Today I went to the inaugural Social Knit In at Bankstown Library with a group of about 8 of us, all of mixed ages, facilitated by a librarian.

There was one lady knitting premmie baby beanies, one knitting her granddaughter's dolly a dress to go with her granddaughter's cardigan, another knitting her granddaughter a beautiful cardigan with some fancy Noro wool, that looked a little like this ...Noro, the librarian facilitator knitting her beautiful cat cuddle mats with a rainbow of yarns and colours and lots of talk.

There was talk of places people had been over the weekend, and in the past and places where people are going in the future, from Paris with cooking lessons, to Gunning and historical tours, to Katoomba and meeting with the same friends every year for the past forty(?) or so.

Did I mention we got FREE Tim Tams? Yummy.

The next social knit in with be the 6th of September, so jot it down and if you are this way, join us!

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