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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lincraft Cosy Wool Storm Blue Scarf

Isn't it is amazing what a few yarn overs can do to a plain knit scarf?

Here I cast on 23 stitches on 8mm needles.

Four row of knit, then,

(pattern line) Knit 2, *yarn over, Knit 2* to end, knit 1.

Then knit 5 rows of knit and recommence (pattern line).

I was thinking about attempting to felt this when completed. I'll keep thinking about that

I also purchased some black and white plaid (note, not check) gumboots from Kmart yesterday for $15, down from $25.

Every girl contemplating moving to the country must contemplate a new pair of gumboots to replace the ones she has been wearing since 1989. I know I have been wearing them since 1989, because my mum had a trying on session to sort out all the spares and labelled them all.

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