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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joseph's Scarf

This is Joseph from my local library wearing his new scarf.

Some time back I was at the library knitting while preschool library time was in progress and my son was listening to the story telling antics of Joseph.

When storytime finished and Joseph put the video on, Joseph mentioned that he loved scarves. After questioning, I established Joseph's favourite colour is purple.

I did start a scarf about then that was black and purple and acrylic, but I have to admit it got lost a little in my unfinished projects.

I was knitting this scarf while I was away at South West Rocks, and decided just recently that it was perfect for Joseph as it is just masculine enough with the blend of black and variegated purplish yarn.

It is knitted with Lincraft Surprise Yarn - Aubergine Mix, 12ply and with  Panda Magnum Soft - Black, 8 ply (both available at Lincraft) in alternating rows of 2 of each ball.

I used 8mm needles and cast on 27 stitches and knitted until it was a suitable length (or where the variegated had a funny join in the yarn and the colourways didn't make sense ...).

In the photo, Joseph has it folded double.

Thanks for being a great librarian Joseph, I think Padstow benefits greatly with having someone with your genuine enthusiasm for kids and patience and I think the fact that story time is booked out so quickly is a testimony to your skills.

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  1. Hi Nessa, thanks for the reassuring comments about bladder cancer on my blog! I have had several people tell me about their positive outcomes with this and it sure has gone a long way towards making me feel better. Thanks again!

  2. I spent much of my childhood in the Bankstown city Libraries. In the infants and primary years at Padstow and then in the Panania in my late primary and high school years. They were always such magical places.


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