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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buy Direct Woollen Mills in Australia

Here is two I know about.

If anybody knows anymore that sell direct to the public, I would be happy to add them!

Nundle Woollen Mill, Nundle, New South Wales

Bendigo Woollen Mills, Bendigo, Victoria

added 4th October 2011

Wangaratta Woollen Mills

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  1. You can add Wangaratta Woollen Mills to that list now here
    Apparently you can also phone them to get a mixed bag of goodies for about $12 - I have yet to try this

  2. Thanks for the tip! Added. Delivery Australia-Wide Flat Fee of $5.50 apparently. Wangaratta Woollen Mills is also known as Australian Country Spinners, makers of many commercially available yarns in Australia.


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