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Monday, August 9, 2010

My Friend Kylie M Definitely Isn't a Singing Budgie Scarf

Okay, I am posting the pattern, but I am not posting a photo of the scarf until AFTER Kylie's birthday, so that it is a little surprise to her ... and also a little surprise to any knitters who are brave enough to knit this without a photo....
Cast on 29 stitches with thick wool over 8mm needles.

Row 1: *Knit 1, Purl 1* to end, Knit 1.
Row 2: Knit 2, *Yarn over, Knit 2 together* to end, K 1.
Row 3: Knit.

Very pretty and quite unexpected results.

Any variant of an odd number of stitches will work with this pattern, so make it as wide or as narrow as you please. Looks practically the same both sides and a little zig zag.

And anyone wondering who the other Kylie M is ... well ... let's just say Minogue.

This pattern is not to be used commercially or to be resold without my written permission.

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