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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Timeless Wonders Photography Contest!!

Following on from Fairchild Street's entry in the Timeless Wonders Contest, I'm going to have a crack as well!

Details of how to enter the competition are found here: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

1. Spring at Gunning, New South Wales
(Nectarines, Plums, Pears, Peaches or Apples? I should know!)

2. Nearly Every Boy Loves to Fish, Paynesville, Gippsland Lakes, Victoria
(this could also be called Poppy Bought Me a Fishing Rod)

3. Burning off the Undergrowth, Before the Fire Season begins, Gunning, New South Wales.
 (you can't see, but there is a grove of gum trees to the right of the photo, that I dragged all these out from under)

4. What One Stores Down the Side of One's House
(Captured after I went out to the rubbish bin and noticed the exact right amount of sunlight hitting the flowers!)

5. Spring at Sanctuary Point and Native Violas
(how low one will duck to get the right photo)

- All photos must be clean. No nude photos, and any people in them must be modest. Any pictures depicting dark or unclean images will be immediately disqualified.

I'm thinking that dark means devilish?

I'm also think the key to taking a good photo is to take lots of them all the time and I am thankful for the age of the digital camera and rechargeable batteries!
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  1. Great. I am so happy we are doing it together. We take all these photos may as well get them out there I say. Charmaine

  2. Have linked up with a couple more on today's timeless wonder post.

  3. Love the shot with the tires and violas!

  4. Love your shots. Joined your blog :-) I am going to do this too just have to decide on some pics now :o) and post in the next few days. Pop over if you get a chance :-)

  5. Love the first photo of the flowers. Great Job!

  6. Love the first shot! And thank you for entering!

  7. Nice photos, especially your little fisherman. I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to enter too! Check my photos 'A Summer's Day' out on my blog. With Thanks, Val.

  8. My little fisherman loves nothing better than being with Daddy doing something blokish like fixing motorbikes, mowing the lawns, fixing stuff or fishing and doesn't it show! (Actually, my husband took that photo .. so he will win the prize!)


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