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Monday, December 13, 2010

Something for Stewart House

Okay, my day wasn't all about washing machines and short demographic surveys that would not be participated in.

There was also the Charity Fundraising Day for Stewart House at school today where my daughter sold these headbands for $2 each and sold all 16 (including some to teachers, even her male teacher ...)

And these ipod / iphone / Nintendo DS holders that should have sold, but didn't. I brought them all home. I gave my daughter $10 for the day and she bought mostly lollies .. surprise, surprise. Normally she comes home with a bag of some sort.

And look what $2 can buy you, else they end up in the skip bin ...

I've read 5 to the little mate since I've been home ...

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  1. Ten bucks worth of lollies..yep, that would happen here!

    Could you vote for me here if you have a moment..on page 1 under Farmers Wifey..I'd be so grateful xx

  2. Well done on the headbands - they look lovely.
    I remember when my childrens world revolved around the lolly counter at the local dairy!!!

  3. Those headbands are so fun! I would have bought more than one!


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