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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Categorising Nearly Over

Okay, while others have been busy sewing, knitting, photographing and other crafty pursuits, I have been categorising the blogs I follow ...

I now have 200 Australian blogs listed below that are an eclectic mix of sewers and designers, screen printers, knitters, mothers and humourists ...

There are also Kiwis, Mapleleafians, Statesiders, Danes and a few others.

This photo of my DMC cottons has been added for no other reason than I suspect that a photo adds to the overall appeal of a blog. Am I right? I was going to do lots of cross stitch when I had babies .... I did for the thank you cards, and then life caught up ...

There are about 30 left to do, but I suspect that they may be Americans ...
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  1. Oh, those suspicious Americans...

  2. Definitely - I am always attracted to a colourful photo.

    200 Aussie blogs! How do you have time to scratch yourself?! Not that I'm suggesting you NEED to scratch yourself. Perhaps that's my problem - too many itches.

    Poser Toes. Oi loike it. Yep oi do.

  3. What a massive task right at the busiest time of the year! Now that you have categorised them all, what comes next? A broadsheet? A commentary on postings?

  4. Wow! I do like the picture too, very colourful. G

  5. Pictures are always good. Wow your blogroll is really something!

  6. You must be busy! The photo of the floss is perfect for the topic actually. Or maybe it's just me who has a hard time organizing all of those colors? You look like you have it in hand.

  7. I used to have a boss who was very busy and when I did get a lunch hour, I would take myself to the patchwork shop in York Street, Sydney with a list of DMC colours and buy a few for all the things I was going to make one day ... I'm pretty good at stashing ...

  8. I use DMC threads for all sorts of craft activities, they are brilliant!! The colour is gorgeous, certainly eye catching, love Posie


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