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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Teal

We are going to pretend that today is Friday (because it is somewhere in the world) and that I didn't spend yesterday visiting op shops, fabric stores and supermarket and cooking a roast leg of lamb to have with a hastily made salad of rocket leaves, mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, green capsicum and fetta cheese by South Cape and drinking Bella pink champagne with my husband, and friends Megan and Jamie and family ...

Above are the arm bands and cute swirly straw cups we have organised for my daughter to give to her friends for Christmas this year. These are to be complemented by lollies of some sort or another. The cups are from Kmart for $2 and when we saw them we knew they were perfect for gifts. The arm bands came as an after thought later, but fit perfectly over each cup. The cups also come in lime green and red.

Is it then cheating if I include the Willow brand (Made in Australia) kitchen utensils with teal handles I found yesterday at Vinnies at Bankstown for $1 each?

Or the colourful quilt which my husband's mother made for him as a child, which my children dragged out for the kids to sit on while they all watched movies?

Then I have scissors of unknown origin, but one suspects may have come via the daughter and school, a pumpkin dip dish from my Aunty Helen and some patchwork I did while at school which features part of my summer school uniform from my primary years and smells divinely of lavender ..

And how could I go by without mentioning some knitting ....

All while one should have been doing a  little more with these below ...

 But somedays you just want to kick back and relax ...

And think of the great day you had and your marvelous finds, which included at Smith Family at Bankstown ..  Table Eight Dress for $5 (with a slight tear in the split at the back which I found as I put on the counter and pointed out. Was $10), a small Marcs Australia men's shirt for $5, a Lowes small men's shirt for $5 with car prints and a Saddle Club skirt for my daughter for $3. The men's shirts look great under the dress!

For more teal, visit Daisy Quilts here! Also, thanks to Bev at Kainga Happenings for hosting while Robyn was away!

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  1. Lots of great teal in your photos! Great ideas for the gifts using the cups. They look good. Loved the bright quilt and the knitting. Don't worry about the washing and ironing. You know it will always be there the next day!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Well gee Nessa, what a great day you had yesterday... sounds divine!! :-)
    Happy Saturday!

    Love all your teal... you found lots!
    Everything counts of course and I especially love your knitting.

  3. I love your teal collection - teal is such a cool colour :) ~ Christine

  4. Well done with the teal. Looks like you found yourself some bargains. Charmaine

  5. Hello Nessa,

    Wow you had a busy day,but love the bargains you got. Your knitting is stunning. Love you teal collection. Have a great weekend.
    happy days.

  6. I am laughing as I forgot Friday and do not have near a good a reason as you did. Your knitting colors are so pretty. Love Lois

  7. Well done..your teals are lovely! Happy weekend.

  8. Fun teal photos. Love the kick back and relax one :)

  9. Just love the Willow utensils. I think I learnt to cook with a similar set. I find teal a very elegant colour.

  10. What a great collection of pics...lots of lovely fabrics & your scarf is gorgeous!!


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