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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Retromummy Giveaway

 retromummy is having another giveaway! Oh the needlebooks I could make with these gorgeous fabrics!

Go and check out her link for conditions of entry!
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  1. And I hope you win, too! (or maybe not, as it means I haven't won...)Wouldn't it be lovely to have all that yummy fabric!

  2. Dear Nessa

    Bonne chance!! - AND I hope you win this giveaway too!
    Thank you for all your "heads up" on giveaways and other interesting blog stufff this year dear Nessa!!
    You're a gem of a blogging friend.

    I've entered the Retromummy giveaway and asked that if my name is drawn, to give it to you as I will be away on holiday with no computer contact and YOU deserve to win!!!
    Bonne Chance and
    Joyeux Noel
    Christmas hugs
    Shane x

  3. Thanks for your message about my last (now deleted) post. I was having a pretty crap day but I realised I am not quite ready for that to be out in the world. Thanks for your advice x

  4. Have a Happy New Year Nessa! I look forward to following more of your creative adventures. x

  5. Happy new year! Better get back to blogging, missy!


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