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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nutcase or Needlecase ....

Why Needlecase of course!

Thursday and Friday while having a blog free day, I was busy sewing and embellishing and this is what I was making.

Some are completely handsewn (no sewing machine in the car while a passenger ...) and others are initially machine sewn and then completed by hand.

My lovely friend Megan has ordered five for Christmas Day to have as gifts for her female guests.

I also need to mention that I have a great Janome at Bankstown (which is just outside where Lincraft is) that has some beautiful, full cotton fabrics for $9.95 a metre (usually marked down from $22 a metre) where some of these fabrics came from. Some are stash, some are Lincraft fat square material and some are from Janome.

Also, having looked up Morris and Sons in York Street, Sydney for the link to my last comment on my last post I found they have a sale on (though a lot of items are "Out of Stock" grrr). Here is a link to their  DMC Stranded Cottons

Haven't been doing much knitting lately.
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  1. Hi, they are lovely and great Christmas presents. That is a shame you haven't done much knitting. I am finding that blogging has taken me away from reading but hoping to do lots of reading on my hols coming up soon. I have a scarf 90% finished so will have to finish it on hols I hope. Thanks for sharing. Charmaine

  2. These look great. No wonder your friend wanted to order some. Beautiful work!

  3. Everytime I come across a knitting blog I think of you. This one is in the current Artful Blogging Charmaine

  4. hello there - thanks for dropping by the third - love your material choices - yummy :) best le

  5. Sewing in the car while someone else drives... one of life's little pleasures. Unfortunately no one to drive me anywhere at the moment so it has to be reserved for public transport time instead!

  6. What beautiful neeedlecases! I love the occasional bit of hand sewing too ... once made a whole baby's ball by hand!


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