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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Small Horsies Amuse Small Minds Who Missed Being Selected for that Show from that Celebrity who has arrived in Australia

Okay, that includes me!

Make Mine Mid-Century  is not going to be deterred at being excluded. She has created her own adventures. Check that link out.

Also check this one! Here Maybe check the second one out first ....


I also follow another a blog that could sell bouquets of platypii to that Celebrity for all her guests ... Badskirt

I'd just like to see that Celebrity visit somewhere affected by our recent floods while she was here, if possible, perhaps somewhere that has been affected by extensive droughts as a precursor to these floods which have now devastated lots of expectations for a bountiful harvest ...

And dear Celebrity, I don't care about your relationships, and acknowledge I never thought you and your bestie were anything but besties ...  enjoy Melbourne  tomorrow (and all those great craft shops like this one Meet Me at Mikes or this one Maker Handmade).

Of course that Celebrity could just come to my page and have a flick through all the lovely artisans from Australia that are now categorised by country ...
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks Nessa, I had a good laugh over Mid Century's horsie adventures...but I wonder exactly What that horse was doing to the Koala lol
    Honestly the hoo-ha is a bit much isn't it?


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