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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have a friend. We'll call her Kelly.

Kelly isn't her real name, but she has long skinny arms and can't find a jumper to fit her and wants to know where to get a jumper custom knit for her or for people with a need like her.

I have a few suggestions for her:
  • Go to your local Vinnies or other charity store and ask if they have an old knitting pattern section. Sit there a while, check what patterns they have. They are usually around 50c to $1.00 a pattern leaflet. Look for patterns in 5ply or 8ply Patons wool. Patterns from earlier decades seem to have fitted jumpers. Find one you love.
  • Go to your local library and spend some loving time at call no. NF 746.
  • Then ask all your acquaintances if they know anyone that knits for cash.
  • Or see how other girls cope with their long, skinny arms. My suggestion is that if you love the knitted look, but think your arms are holding you back, go for a long sleeve lycra fitted t-shirt, the same kind available at Kmart, Big W or Target nearly every season and mix it with a hand knitted cowl, a knitted scarf, a shawl or a poncho, and perhaps a trench coat?
  • I also happen to know that in the town where my friend works, there is a very good craft cottage in Cook Park. Go and have a chat, see if they have any custom knitters. In fact, looking at the website, I want to go there right now.  Park Guildry, Orange.
Hope these help. Looking forward to seeing you in wool.

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