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Monday, July 5, 2010

I have to admit

I bought more wool today. Want to hear my justification?

I blame the RTA, solely and wholly, for making me go to Births, Deaths and Marriages and get a replacement Birth Certificate for my 20 year old one pasted together with brown packing tape and for them making me wait again while they faxed the replacement one back to BDM to confirm my existence. I had been to BDM not an hour before to get the certificate and it had today's date on it.

While the BDM people were very nice and FAST, the RTA took about 2 hours for the whole process. Next time I go to the RTA, I am taking my swag.

I took my knitting. Having first seen the counter person, while I was waiting I nearly completed another Sydney Headband (and I knitted at the counter when she called me back and was fiddling with the paperwork ...)

Afterwards, I rewarded my efforts with a trip to Lincraft and bought four balls of Lincraft Surprise yarn. I want the surprise. NOW. And a pair of size 6mm needles within easy reach.


And I have to admit, I am learning how to make these hot links work so they post the link to a new page instead of closing my page down. Yay for me!

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