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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Friend Sharona

This is a photo of the scarf I knitted in the Feather and Fan pattern for my friend Sharon.

Knitted in burnt orange in Lincraft DK house brand wool. Some of the DK stuff by Lincraft is better than others. Fortunately this was a good batch with no need for any stop starting in the knitting, casting on and casting off without one break in the yarn.

My friend Sharon has just started knitting. Hope she "Gets the Knack". Oh, I am funny. That was a pun.

My other name for this post was going to be Anne of Feather & Fans ...

You might notice the little hand to the side. "What there is photo being taken and I'm not in it ... must fix that straight away." And then the camera went flat. So this the photo you got bloggie.

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  1. A stunning lovely scarf- wearing it today -thnak you Nessa. Trying to post a comment is tricky so will have to use the 'anon' category. My friend Nessa is very talented and I am inspired to keep up my knitting! Sharona.


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