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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You have to love Vinnies

I do. So there.

Yesterday I went to Vinnies at Riverwood without my son who was at kindergarten (far less stress to be in Vinnies without son ...) and they had a half price sale (LUCKY ME). I purchased two pairs of knitting needles for 50c each set, four balls of a retro yellow/black Patons Totem wool in shade 8785 complete with white, pink and orange labels for 50c for the lot, and several pattern books for around 25c each.

So if you see me with a thinnish yellow woollen scarf, you will know ... in fact I would probably post it ...

One book I bought is with patterns by Patons & Baldwins (Book No. R. 11) and has baby patterns called: "Bright Eyes" - "Little Man" - "Jean" - "Gaylia" - "Elizabeth" - "Primula" - "Pam" - "Joyce" - "Stardust" - "Marigold" - "Sweet Dreams" - "Jill" - "Pamela" - "Peggy" - "Mary" - "Diana" - "Coral" - "Heigh Ho" - "Peek-A-Boo" and "Heather".

If I think of it, I will post a photo.

They are of a time gone by when many (?) mothers knitted their darling babies and toddlers clothes. This book is heavily taped together with yellowing sticky tape, and well loved. Interestingly patterns of this age are held by the Australian National Library.

While I won't be knitting the baby patterns, the patterning of the stitches is of interest.

Interested in the Patons website?

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