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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Knitting a Dying Art??

I sent my younger brother a link to my blog the other day and he congratulated me for keeping a dying art alive.

If only I could convince him to look at Ravelry! 30,000+ patterns, set up by young whipper snappers!

Not so much a dying art, but I guess an art that isn't done a lot openly in public maybe?

I like to knit wherever I am ... at the bus stop, the railway station, on the train, while my husband is driving, while visiting landmarks ...I have two friends that have felt the influence of my constant knitting and taken up the needles this year and one friend that is going great guns with the crochet hook.

And whenever I visit my sister's kids, the oldest two get out their knitting and show me their progress.

Teach you kids to knit. Or at least try to.

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