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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lincraft Price Crash

Lincraft Price Crash. Though they name it October Prize Crash on their page header ... duh.

From  50% off regular prices of floor stock yarns. Colours and styles may vary from store to store. Excludes Lincraft DK, Lincraft Cosy Wool, Cleckheaton Bamboo, Patons Sorrento, Hobby Knit, and Panda Cotton Blend 8 ply yarn apparently. I had to blow this up to attempt to read from the brochure online ...

Sale from Monday 4th October to Sunday 17th October 2010.

I know where I might be today ....

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  1. Hi - looked at the Selfish Seamstress - thank god she's back! - and saw your comment. I haven't heard 'suffer in your jocks' since I moved to the UK from Melbourne. We're coming home next year, and it's great to see Australian blogs like yours - can't wait to see Lincraft again. Keep blogging!

  2. Hey Ms Nessaknits
    THank you for visiting GPB. Yep. Great apron :-)
    Lincraft huh. I'm off too then. THere is one near me on the Sunshine Coast.

  3. Too good to miiss. )The tile has a little loop on it to hang on the wall. I use to sit it on my bookshelf.) Charmaine


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