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Friday, October 15, 2010

3rd Monthly Social Knit In at Bankstown Library happened on Monday

So I'm a little late posting this post as I went to the group on Monday, so I should have done it by now!

The third Social Knit In was a great success, with about 10 people showing up, including many people that had previously attended. Some leave early and some come late ... Maybe next time we'll need a bigger room?

I have two photos for you from the meeting, one of  Jann's bed socks, her "souvenir" from her recent trip to Paris since our last meeting. Two shops she went to while there are Chat' Laine (a wool shop, for wool), and Ultramod Mercerie (like a haberdashery, for a row counter, which wasn't available at the wool shop). The bed socks are the result of her knitting.

The other wonderful thing Jann did while in Paris was have a cooking lesson with Susan Loomis, the author of a French cookery book called Tarte Tatin (which is available at Padstow Library). Details of how to book a similiar lesson are here should you find yourself planning a trip to Paris!

Jann enjoyed the lesson immensely and immediately came back and purchased for herself a new set of saucepans with copper bottoms and said her cooking has never tasted so good!

This lovely lady has been a knitter all her life and tells me she has patterns older than her daughter still! She and her daughter have been to the last two meetings. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from people who have spent a lifetime loving knitting. One of the jewels from this day was winding your frogged (unravelled) yarn around an upside down laundry basket into skeins. We also discussed microwave steaming frogged yarn to get the kinks out. I'm not sure how this works, so Google!

Another lady had recently  returned from a cruise that looked a little like this one with P&O, with her daughter and was knitting a scarf in a pattern I had previously written out for her for a scarf I was wearing at a meeting previously of my own design.

Another lady told us how she had recently completed the total sorting of her craft room including the cataloging of her stamps, making the use of them much easier and more effective. I voted we should go on an excursion to her house to see this for ourselves, always eager to check out someone else's craft storage.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed the meeting, even meeting with some at Lincraft after the group to show them of the secret spot where I had found the Patons Shadow Tweed wool I was wearing in my scarf, recently purchased at the 50% off sale!

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  1. I love to see how others organize their crafting space. Mine works for me, but it's fun getting new ideas. I love the colors in that last afghan. So vivid.

  2. I can knit a scarf, jumper, beanie, fingerless gloves but haven't attempted socks. Reason being three needles. Charmaine

  3. I don't know for sure, but I think those bedsocks there could actually be two needle bedsocks with a seam up the back ... so you could knit them possibly Charmaine!

    And I should add because I might not have made it obvious, this isn't someone's crafting space, that is just me dreaming of visiting that one day ... lol, this is the reference section of the library where we have our group which is just outside the meeting room. Perfect for my photo!

  4. Denise and Muriel22 October, 2010 14:10

    Found interesting site about dyeing wool using Koolaid --- fascinating:

  5. Thanks for posting that. I have posted onto our group coordinator for further discussion!


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