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Friday, October 15, 2010

Macarthur's Dream Documentary

Okay, I know I SHOULD be in bed, but I have been listening to a wonderful documentary called "Macarthur's Dream" that had been on TV this morning.

"Jack Thompson presents the story of Australian wool - a story of pioneers and visionaries and the building of a nation that takes us behind the scenes of the fashion capitals of the world. We experience the lives of the Merino farmers and feel the pain of the wool industry through drought, bushfire and economic depression. Feel the excitement of the great American and European fashion houses who use our wool to create garments of the highest quality." as quoted on the Freeviw digital TV Guide.

Why don't they have this on earlier in the night or on a Saturday afternoon? I could have made my kids watch this! In this doco Australia had 174 million sheep and Australia produced 70% of the wool produced for garments. Wow! Not sure if these stats are still correct though.

Jack Thompson for those not familiar was in that 1982 Australian movie "The Man from Snowy River" as Clancy.

I've found the details for the Macarthur's Dream which was filmed in 1999 on the National Library of Australia website TROVE.

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