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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nessa does Knit

For those that have joined my blog because my name purported that I am a knitter, I really am. Even though I haven't posted a knit post for a while.

Here is my latest scarf (and I am knitting other things, which I may post in the future ...)

4.5 mm needles, 17 stitches, My Friend Kylie M Definitely Isn't a Singing Budgie Scarf Pattern, Lincraft Surprise Yarn. HERE.

I've also included my link to my previous Lincraft Surprise Blue Scarf for comparison. HERE

Can someone knit one and send me a photo??

Also, today you may note I am using my very best modeling down pipe and husband's work pants coat hanger to produce these shots over the Jasmine.
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  1. Jasmine and blue knitted scarves...a perfect combination!

  2. Love the colours. Is it getting a bit hot for knitting over there?

  3. It is quite mild today at my place, but I knit all year round. Seriously. Compulsive knitter.

  4. I love that first scarf. It's such a pretty pattern!

  5. beautiful scarves!! I know exactly what you mean I started my blog to focus on my jewelry making and then practically stopped making jewelry "sigh"...

  6. Lovely colour. With all this cold weather I had the urge to start knitting again. I do have a scarf to finish off so I should do that before it gets too hot. Charmaine

  7. Pretty color! I'm in need of a new project, but at the moment, I'm trying to wrap up two others. I just can't bring myself to justify another when I've recently started a third one, can I?

  8. What a fascinating stitch. I'll have to try that one. And thanks for the laugh about the downpipe :-) I'm sure I look mad when i'm taking some of my pics and you'd laugh too if you saw the bits out of shot!


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