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Friday, November 12, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Lavender

Normally Daisy Quilts hosts Colourful Fridays, but for the time being, Bev of Kainga Happenings has been chosen for the special job in her absence!

This week is Lavender. I used to have a French Lavender plant in the front garden until it became way too woody. So I took to it with secateurs last year and cut the lot out.

Now I have no Lavender in the garden at all! I do have hydrangeas and also agapanthus to fill the blue colour loss, but they are seasonal and only last for our summer.

Here are some of my hydrangeas coming into colour. The agapanthus are budding, but not blooming yet!

I also have a selection of Lavender books. This one I bought at the Library this year for about $1.00!

It is Lavender by Tessa Evelegh, with photos by Debbie Patterson.

I also have Lavender, Sweet Lavender by Judyth A. McLeod and The Essential Lavender - Growing Lavender in Australia by Virginia McNaughton.

For a long time my husband and I dreamed of a farm called Lavender Hill, with Lavender growing in the garden. This may happen yet!

I was going to add another photo, but I can't get it uploaded in the direction I want! So enjoy Lavender Friday and check out the other links.
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  1. Hello Nessa,

    Thanks for playing along. I would love to be able to grow a hydrangea but I think it would get too hot and windy here. I do hope your dream of a Lavender Farm comes true.

    Happy days.

  2. Agapanthus is my luck here in bold and striking.

  3. Loved the colour of your hydrangea. All mine are still thinking about flowering.
    Oh... the thought of a lavender farm, fields and fields of lavender sounds good to me :-)
    Till next time

  4. Lots of lovely lavender ideas, including the farm!
    I can just imagine fields with a sea of purple lavender.

  5. Nessa, what a gorgeous bloom!
    I with you when it comes to Lavender, Hydrangeas and Agapanthus...
    Totally and Whole-heartedly!
    have a lovely weekend!

  6. Dear Nessa
    Thanks so much for visiting my little blog and becomming one of my followers.
    At last I'm catching up and have joined you as well!!

    This is a lovely post - I adore hydrangeas and lavenders too, I planted 2 white hydrangeas in late autumn so this is their first season. I'm off to the garden centre this weekend to find two lavenders. Being me, a francophile and all I'm looking for a french variety - any tips for me?????

  7. Such a delicate colour hydrangea!

  8. I love Hydrangeas and want to have some in my garden someday.
    The direct link to your blog is not working properly

  9. From memory, while the French lavender (L. dentata) is pretty and has the downy teeth edged leaves, the best smelling is the so-called English (L. angustifolia). It more spike like in the flowers and is the one generally grown for lavender oil. So smell when you buy. The Virginia McNaughton Book above is a good one on lavender with lots of botanical drawings to help identify. And a good smelling lavender is good for lavender bags!

    And my hydrangea above will change colour as it matures ... I'll try to photograph the same flower maybe tomorrow.

  10. love your pics - I have that book too! ;-)

  11. I can smell the lavender now. Charmaine


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