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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday ~ Plug Your Mates

I was feeling guilty about not posting today, as I have spent much of the day packing and unpacking from a camping trip at a great caravan pack on the south coast of New South Wales for my son's 5th birthday, and suddenly inspiration struck in the form of MonetPaisley!

Did you read that? GIVEAWAY!

She also has an ETSY store just up and running

I'm imagining my daughter in white dots on red polka dot bikini with this red and white striped hat, which is a recent gift to her from my Aunty Helen ...

Anyway, go and check out her site and perhaps one of your cherubs might be wearing one of her creations some day soon!

Whisper on the wind is this a great Chrissie present in the southern hemisphere!

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  1. Thanks for visiting today. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Charmaine

  2. Thanks for the plug, do you mean 2 straps over each shoulder or 2 straps, one over each shoulder??? 2 straps on each shoulder would be cool....

  3. What cute swimwear! Definitely adorable.

  4. I lurve the hat! I have put a pair of red and white check bathers in the etsy store but they are a size 8. Sadly I do not have any polkadots at the moment. The size 10's will be coming. I just have to find a 10 yr old to try them on.


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