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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Knitted Headbands

Aside from posting pictures of lavender things, pulling the Christmas tree out early from the cupboard under the insistance of my children, who have now put it up very nicely, thank you, I have been knitting and sewing headbands for my daughter to sell at her Stewart House fundraising day at school.

These are knitted on 4.5 mm needles, 7 stitches, using My Friend Kylie etc pattern in my patterns ---->, using SURPRISE .. Lincraft Surprise Yarn. Two balls knits up about 9 each. I knitted one of the first couple with 9 stitches, but 7 stitches works fine. I then sew together and add a button. Big W have great bags of mixed buttons by Beutron for about $7.  Hopefully they will be well liked and bought by the handful!!

Here's a closer picture. I took this one first, but the modelling tree was getting jealous and needed a showing as well, particularly as it now wearing red dangly things.

If you look even harder at this photo, you might see I have a little cardboard cut out in the shape of a flower with $2 on one. Not sure if this is what we will agree on her charging. Maybe $3. When I was at Lincraft at Macarthur, I bought the cutter as I thought it might be good for price tags to attach. Turns out Arnotts BBQ Shapes packets are the ideal thickness for pressing. Breakfast cereal packets are too thick!

And the hydrangea flower is looking like this, this morning ...

With a sister blossom looking like this ...

The colour of the flower is dependent on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. I don't put anything special under my plants, it is just what the runoff does to them ...


  1. I've popped some Suprise Yarn in your parcel. You are going to be surprised by what colour I choose for you!!

  2. Great Idea for the Headbands..I can't believe Stewart House is still going after all these years..I think you are living in my old part of the woods...Macarthur Sq.?

  3. They're lovely headbands. Is there a spare one I can buy for Emily?

  4. Those headbands are beautiful!! I think I should get back to knitting!

  5. The headbands look great. And I love hydrangeas, every year at about this time I think about getting some for my garden and still haven't. Maybe next year once the build has finished. G

  6. Fun headbands and I love your hydrangea too.

    lovely post :)

  7. Love your headband idea! I'm sure many will be purchased (and ordered). Happy Knitting!

  8. These are great! Jemimah would adore a few...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I had to laugh when I read your 'About me' admission over being a compulsive knitter. I'm a compulsive crocheter. I knit too, but crochet has really sucked me in this year. Besides, grannie squares are just soooooo portable!


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