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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday ~ Plug Your Mates

It is Monday and I have choosen Fairchild Street to plug.

She has been blogging since mid August, and the photos on her blog are glorious.

She sews, she DIY's and you should see what she can do with a plain old pine set of drawers!


So head on over and check out her work!

Also, today I went shopping at my local oppies and scored a few treasures ... I'll save them to share with you tomorrow!

While I was in one, a man from the local real estate agent came in with four bags of clothes his wife no longer wanted and they said no thank you because they were a size 6. He looked aghast and took them back out and started to take them back to his car. I said "stop, I know the other store would love them" and asked him to leave them out the front and I would take them around when I had finished my purchases, which I did, while they were wrapping mine in paper.

I'm glad that I took them around the corner, because they appreciated them. They also knew who the man was as they pay the rent for the shop to his agency. I went and told him that they really appreciated them and he was thankful. He said that he has a wife and three kids and he had been taking things to the first shop for some time and had never had that reaction before.

At least now he will know which shop to take the things to and know that the money will stay in the community. I am pretty sure if I hadn't intervened, he would have taken his things home and dumped them in the bin as the reaction he got was unexpected and he felt unappreciated.

If you work in a shop, please be mindful of your reaction to donations. You might be chopping your nose off despite your face.

A lot of the things he had donated were from Events and other stores and would have suited lots of teenage girls .....

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  1. WOW thank you. This year has been all about learning about the blog world. Next year I hope to be able to do a linky thing of my own, 'plug my mates" and a give away. It certainly has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Once again thank you for thinking of me and your blogging friendship. Charmaine

  2. I agree about the donations. After the horrific bushfires in Victoria I tried to donate all my old stock (I used to own a childrens clothing business), which was worth nearly $10,000. I contacted councils, red cross, salvos etc and no one wanted it. Not the reaction I was expecting.

  3. Really Roaring ... That is distressing. So what did you do with it?

  4. Good on you for saving the day. It would make me furious to see "beggars being so choosy" and ungrateful. You're right, teenagers would love and fit into those clothes. Thank you for visiting my blog too. x

  5. Thank you for doing your bit for recycling in general. It's fantasy of mine to open a freestore like some artists had briefly in New an experiment..where people could donate things or take them if they wanted or needed them...for free. I really want to do it one day.

  6. Wow, that's just crazy! Wonder if they have a hard time selling smaller sizes? You'd think they'd tell him another place that might take them though.

    I'm loving your 'Plug Your Mates' posts. Thanks for sharing!


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